Valentine’s Day SMS keyword climax before and after feeling

Valentine’s Day was over. I had a short day with her. Valentine’s day. But I was busy celebrating her for many days. She was my website, haha! Because nobody accompanies, had to accompany my website ^_^……

to her, I was ready to fill the new clothes in February 10th, also prepared a lot of footage, the latest [2008 Valentine’s day, Valentine’s day classic Funny SMS, SMS… Etc., with the title related content introduced three contents, though not original, but I personally spent half an hour to collect a Valentine’s Day message, you rearrange the content posted some of the original, huh, finally have the results, there is a successful content included, and row in the first page, there is a lot of traffic increased in February 13th! Happy…… Expect…… I hope there is a climax!

finally, Valentine’s day has passed, and the energy she has spent has not been wasted. The brief "Valentine’s Day climax" has been a slow emptiness!

, pictured above, is the flow of "Valentine’s Day texting" around Valentine’s day, although it’s only a little bit, but it left me thinking! Share:

, a key to reaching a climax, is entirely possible, this has not permit the truth; and related content, for a day, a word, not the original can also change a part, even if it’s just upset paragraph approach also for a few days in advance; and a few day ago a few days, OK can wait, you might expect the climax as promised! ^_^

two, after the passion is calm, how much will leave something?! Keyword is the main, to do traffic, then choose a master keyword it, and then find some related, similar, similar, and so on to assist;

The most important

main keywords, which is the development goal and direction of you, the key words that "reality show", 2005 is the fire, but because there was no vision, wasted  in reality, so a good domain name, in November 2007, started to do this, because of the late start the search engine has been ranked to the first few pages, and added a lot of related content, what reality show, reality jokes, animation and other reality, spider slowly fell in love with her, climbing over her body, the show’s content more, the content of the fine, natural ranking up, now to the first page of the major search engines, sometimes up to fifth, ha, did not dare to grab the first, dangerous ah, as long as you can keep on the first page of OK!

don’t expect too much, will not be very disappointed, do stand steadfast in a calm mood, love her, she will treat you!

above is a little of their own experience, share indiscriminately! ^_^


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