The importance of website copyright

many webmasters like to add copyright at the bottom of their own website, please do not reprint, how much resolution, etc.. Many webmaster is not very value this, in fact, this is also a very important part of the website construction.

I just started learning the building site, built a lot of LJ station, those stations do not have what quality, but after a certain period of time after, built a regular station. However, after the completion of the station, it is not long before, we see that there are similar to their own stations have also built up. The template is similar and the content is similar. It gives me a headache.

see the base copyright and other words, and was again in the bottom station, also added some of their own words, planning good words, you can in my station ( at the bottom of the look back before long, and others see a building, and I the station is built up as like as two peas. But at the bottom of his station is the word "copyright" on my website, which is attached to my website. All of these make it difficult for others to "pirate" their own stations. So I want to build a friend, can appropriate add fonts and symbols that some of these days, I built a new station ( the content belongs to my original, the bottom also added the words all rights reserved. This adds a few words, it will give your site more layers of insurance".

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