Trading links how many exports the effect is good

core tip: the amount of export is not inversely proportional to the site’s impact on your ranking.

A5 friends, Hello everyone, I’m a professional link seller here, and my QQ is 88124886. Because of honesty, I have made some A5 many chain friends, so that I have here, first of all, thanks to my friends

!Since the release of

two times the "link: what links?" "  link: what time to buy links?" so far, there have been a few days, there has been no time to write this theme. In fact, the topic of this issue is a more sensitive topic, just like Internet and pornography.

why? Because "how much are" has been learning old friend of SEO used as the only truth, everyone in the fantasy of "export less, better effect" theory, then I want to throw out today to find the theory of absolute curse. But I told some of my clients have had in-depth exchanges, and even can be said that my customers spend money to test this conclusion: "don’t ask each other to buy links are derived, as long as the other is an honest seller OK


why my client will eventually say such a sentence to the second sentence? It is not difficult to understand, the sale of credit at any time is in the first place for you to consider the problem, especially in the case of active market links, liar rampant, many buyers again and again three to be deceived, regardless of the effect how to have cheated, nature is the most important. What do you mean by the first half of the sentence? Is it really related to the export of the seller’s station?

, we made a mistake first.

is wrong because the effect is not strong, indeed, the export of the seller’s link is related, the less exports, the better the effect. But this export link must be limited to 20. 20. What is the concept? Three PR6 home page, can be three months out of 20 PR4 or even PR5-6 site out! Don’t just look at the PR formula, the two article said, now the PR value of ascension is not a simple chain will be able to solve the problem. Time friends can even go to look at the PR high government station, outside the chain of people more? Not much! So for ranking results? As powerful to the extreme! 20 PR6 less than 20 can be easily derived a general search keywords to heat the home and even the first


but, my friends, dear friends, who can find the export links of several sites less than twenty, and also a link selling site? Obviously, this is a fantasy. Then, we say he is right, that is, "buy links, don’t expect the other side’s exports", because no matter who it is, its export effect is minimal for you. More than 20 exported sites have almost the same effect,

well, as soon as this word comes out, some creeds may start cursing, saying, "you sell links."

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