Point of view sharing WeChat trading must shape but need guidance

on WeChat marketing, some friends will say is a gimmick, is nothing more than a bunch of false is made up to people, also some friends will say WeChat is relying on marketing, circle of friends can truly achieve the product sales. In any case, WeChat, a product that was initially used as a communication, is now more labelled as "marketing.". In fact, there is no need to be too surprised about such a change. Everyone knows that the Internet business attention, free and fast, WeChat marketing will be more than three of all of these, naturally become everyone’s minds marketing holy land. And by some friends of the actual operation strength, sellers circle of friends is not feasible, in addition to paying some cumbersome, and the release of the product is quite easy, and the circle of friends is an information exchange place, will contain the common genera of the circle of users together, and what is not wrong. What’s more, this kind of opinion leader has been proved effective by too many people.

point 1: the official must support commercial property

might say that, I think, I think I’m more in favor of WeChat’s marketing practices. Yes, about WeChat, I don’t think even the official will give WeChat the next definition. Tencent fluctuations in the Internet over the years by too many people witnessed, WeChat’s accession to not only enrich its strategy in the mobile terminal, is more likely to bring Tencent next 10 years of long-term development. Facing all the possible future of WeChat, Tencent will seize the opportunity and exercise it well. And let a product have a lasting vitality, then the first thing is to let it have commercial value.

said, business, we do not have to be too sensitive, in fact, the interests and interests of the chain as solid as long as the operator reasonably grasp the scale between the two, then it is easy to bind the target user. And let WeChat remain in the hearts of users, allowing users to recognize its value, then give it enough marketing rights is crucial. Therefore, from a certain point of view, WeChat will have the embodiment of marketing functions, or two functions, but ancillary products system, in short, from the WeChat extended out of the commercial flavor will certainly have. So even the official until now are not willing to admit that WeChat’s marketing value, we have to believe that WeChat itself is a good tool for rational use of certain Internet Wangzhuan can help us to achieve our dream.

point of view two: WeChat trading needs brains,

Of course, the

is not to engage in pyramid schemes, get some other words cheat you. WeChat’s prospects have been analyzed, and the rest is on the operation of everyone. It is true that the master leads the door to practice in the individual, and the WeChat marketing has potential and how to dig it. It really depends on your abilities. Perhaps you will say, I have long recognized the value of WeChat to sell things in my circle of friends also began early, but why I always be the title, can not sell a product? In a private space to sell itself with a sensitivity, to know that sharing is always the mainstream of information exchange, "

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