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Berlin by an authoritative survey shows that in 2008 China’s national internet reading rate is 36.5%, the book reading rate is 34.7%, and is expected in 2009, with the popularity of wireless networks and mobile phone reading, network novel will have a greater breakthrough. The Internet has changed the way of reading, people have been in a network reading era, the novel site to meet the needs of Internet users have risen.

The starting point is

, Chinese boss, followed by other 17k, Jinjiang, is the leader in tea, Xiaoxiang romantic fiction, and fantasy novels, Chinese century is developed. With pirates. Novel website business model has become more mature, advertising and VIP reading has become a fixed pattern, the pursuit of profit at the same time, failing to ignore the user experience most novel website, in addition to excessive advertising makes the loss of a large number of readers, the loss is also a big problem in cultivating novel website loyal readers.

faces the embarrassing situation of the loss of readers and the author of the novel, and the rapid rise of the original novel network in the past 08 years, has found a more suitable position for the development of the industry – pay attention to the user experience. The original version of the user experience, content is king, with the fastest novel update speed, the best novel based on the development and powerful. Provide a first-class online reading environment, and try to provide the author with an excellent online writing platform. From the development strategy of the original text, we can see that the novel website has entered the goal of benign development.

into the original novel network, readers will find no pop-up advertising problems, the original is currently the network novel industry only did not put the pop-up advertising novel site. Relative to most in pursuit of advertising revenue to attack the reader not to mind taking the trouble of advertising at the expense of the original site, most of the advertising revenue, to pop ads, and strive to provide the most fun online reading experience for readers.

besides, the update speed of the novel and the serialization integrity of the work are also the key factors for the lasting development of the novel website and the cultivation of loyal readers. The original novel more than 60 editorial team, the achievements of the original version of the daily volume of the largest original novel network success. At present, the original novel daily general works update number (including non contract works) up to 400 of the above works, the VIP update number up to 60 or more, compared with the same type of industry website is now among the best! The original novel network editor in around 60, all by the internal staff to accept the basic standards for the selection. Network coding large and excellent team, to ensure basic monthly as the demand for books, and this value has more room for development.

in addition, the originality of novel works is the most important part of the survival of novel websites. "Human nature", "sister Island climbed up on the bed", "fate.", "Three Kingdoms" and other works have been overweening in many of the famous novel fan. The original text of the signing authors do is to keep its promise, never drag remuneration, welfare measures to end the author: subsistence and reward. As long as a talented author will be in the original

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