How can the eight strands of modern literature be true to the world

a few days ago, there is a competition for the post of the director of the unit to work in the government and friends, and for me this day to write articles reporters to help him write a competitive speech. Before I could write, he called me at night and said, "don’t write it now. I’ve found it ready. It’s a little bit better. Let me help you polish it.". "I’m surprised," he said. "I found it from a model stand.". As soon as I saw the material was well written, I helped him revise it and use it.

from this matter, I just know, the original article can write like this, ah, really modern text eight shares, you can save a lot of lazy trouble. As a result, I began to pay attention to this kind of website. After a period of investigation, I found that there are currently more than 2000 such websites. Due to the sensitivity of the reporter, I decided to investigate the matter.


eight shares of network aware how much

as a reporter for the IT channel, the investigation will have many convenient conditions. The reporter understands, at present, this kind of model essay station has more than 5000, can use, be like suddenly one night spring breeze comes, everywhere is model essay station to describe.

from the content of the site, mostly written in practical documents. Can be divided into 3 main types: one is model essay station, two is thesis station, and the three is management information download station. Mostly personal websites, not big. But there are also some large integrated sites,

there is a paper called the world model model station, this station scale is really big, the content is really from the application essay, Everything is contained therein., contract, litigation documents to the management information, light section of hundreds, filled the home page, the content is really Everything is contained therein.

, but in general terms, the number of sites is large, but not large.

Among the

users is county magistrate

through contact, to understand the needs of the model essay, the object is really diverse, involving all sectors of the various fields. One stationmaster introduces, among them member, have a teacher, have a student, have civil servant, have enterprise employee, still have leading cadre. According to a webmaster, there is a member of the county magistrate who has just become a county magistrate. He is looking for his inaugural speech at his station, and of course he is satisfied with it.

through the introduction of the webmaster, I contacted several members registered at the model station. Zhang said, he himself is a section chief, usually higher authorities will have all kinds of materials, sometimes struggling to cope with, write their own very delayed time, go to the essay stand looking for, and then modify, so that it saves time. There are many people who share the same idea as Mr. zhang.

and another Mr. Li is a member of the Bank of the world. He has come to the world to find the contract. Mr. Li is engaged in the individual management, often needs to sign each kind of contract. He introduced himself, when signing the contract, not to let the other draft draft, he is not assured, on their own to query the contract, and the world of the contract is complete, there are not only the format of the contract, and the company signed the contract, it is practical. A member such as Mr. Li is not

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