Summary of the six major Windows2003Web server security policies

last job is to do web site server maintenance, online search a lot of tutorials, I feel very confused. Simply summed up a set of Windows2003 server security policy. It’s definitely not reproduced on the internet. They are all tested. I feel OK. Welcome to the test, and I want to share the security issues with the server. We hope to help you,


, my blog:

policy 1: turn off unnecessary Windows2003 services,

· Computer Browser maintains the latest list of computers on the network and provides the list

· Task scheduler allows the program to run

at the specified time

· Routing and Remote Access provides routing services for enterprises in the LAN and WAN environments

· Removable storage manages removable media, drivers, and libraries

· Remote Registry Service allows remote registry operation

· Print Spooler loads files into memory for later printing.

· IPSEC, Policy, Agent management, IP security policy and startup ISAKMP/OakleyIKE) and IP security driver

· Distributed Link Tracking Client sends the notification

when the file moves in the NTFS volume in the network domain

· Com+ Event System provides automatic publishing of events to subscribe to the COM component

· Alerter informs the selected user and computer administration of alert

· Error Reporting Service collects, stores, and reports an exception application Microsoft to the

· Messenger transfers the NET SEND and the siren service message

between the client and server

· Telnet allows remote users to log on to this computer and run program

policy two: disk permission settings

C only to administrators and system permissions, other >

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