User conversion rate how to use user reviews

below to talk about is a small part of the user conversion, that is, how to make reasonable use of user comments, but also hope to inspire your friends.

to sell the melon, puff. Self talk is good, but persuasion is always not high enough, but other people exaggerate. Customers are a powerful source of information.

many times, customer comments are better than any text. You should set up a special customer reviews page on your website and try to find an existing client to write some comments for you. Not necessarily all praise, but also can be insufficient, the most important thing is to write authentic. There are negative evaluations that seem more real, and almost all commercial websites now use user reviews.

You are making a mess of the

repeat customer evaluation, customer evaluation also must be to verify, should leave the customer’s real name, email, phone or even the best is to leave. It is convenient for users to verify the reality of evaluation.

evaluation in customer contact to clearly tell customers, these reviews will be published on the web site, to get the customer’s authorization, to avoid disputes after the day.

also, the client’s comments must be original and do not edit. All kinds of character, each place, each stage of the customer layer may not the same, for example, my current company (, is a pet franchise, when writing user comments to editor I divided into several levels, for example, do not understand the evaluation of people in this industry after joining the evaluation, do not understand the people after joining, and is familiar with the industry’s evaluation. Their tone is different. Only the original words is the most vivid, the most convincing, the most persuasive.

in short, user reviews can make your users more trusting to you (if your comments must be true).

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