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direct thinking and retrograde thinking are two different ways of analyzing and solving problems. There is no good or bad, but the effect is different. Straight thinking is basically what everyone has, as long as you’re a normal person. Using it can help us solve some routine problems encountered in daily life and work. But it’s impossible if you expect to solve all of the problems with it. In fact, we usually encounter some problems, if in accordance with conventional, almost no solution. But if we change a train of thought, from the opposite point of view, the use of reverse thinking to analyze it, there will be a sense of suddenly enlightened. The key point is that most people are under direct limit of thinking can not break the stereotype. Can not stand at a higher and farther angle to analyze the problem. In fact, the art of war is based on the Clipsal. The so-called surprise. Speaking is a kind of converse thinking. If you have regular, direct thinking, you also have the reverse thinking that doesn’t play the game. Well, I’m sure you must be a very simple person,

the advantage of doing so is that you can guarantee a regular income, the disadvantage is that the workload is relatively large, it will be more tired. For the novice, if you want to succeed in Wangzhuan field, I think what is better. Tired is a little tired, but a lot of doing, contact more items, progress is faster. But it can do some good projects, and to obtain revenue, it can greatly enhance the higher confidence. To tell the truth, but also not easy to Wangzhuan, want to do good, the income is high, must also have to spend a lot of energy and effort. Looking for projects, projects, returning Commission, etc., are friends who need to spend energy to do well. Hope that friends can try more, sum up, find their own way.

thinking, technology and ability are three different levels, the pattern is not the same. The three is used in making money, the effect is very different. As long as one is industrious, eats hardship, and has strength, he can get money by work. But if this is only the case, then he can only rely on his ability, more explicit, that is, selling coolies to earn money, rather than making money. Note that the two verbs, "earn" and "earn", earn by hand, if you do not have the strength, no one else is strong. Well, I’m sorry, you, your wife and children, only hungry. And to earn it is to use the baby to merge, or exchange. Can you tell the difference between them,

today is the first day of Taobao to make Entrepreneurship Forum "fifteen days camp" start at noon, look at the sword monitor last night issued learning knowledge and problems. Come back at night, first open a few pages, have a serious look at, and some have repeated many times. Reap much. Also found some problems of their own existence. Here to share with you.

boutique breakthrough is to choose the industry recognized as a good project to do, the advantages of the project is stable, reputable, can do a long cycle, usually not white. The disadvantage is that when everyone agrees that it is a good project, the number of participants in the project should be enough, and you will join at this time, and the potential for development is definitely limited. Moreover, when the number of participants is more than certain, the project is in danger of bankruptcy. There is what projects are done, the sky cast a net, good projects and bad projects are all done. In this way, a good project will have a great chance to receive payment, and the bad items will not be paid.

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in addition, we can learn the knowledge and skills needed to make money. They all say that knowledge changes destiny, and learning makes the future. Our parents ate enough of their knowledge and culture, so they had to earn money to support their families. So they have a belief. That is, no pain, no pain, no poverty, no poverty. Therefore, they must be allowed to study when they eat simple food. We really want to thank our parents. Parents love is the most selfless. They work hard all their lives and expect their children to become useful. I hope education will help children stop suffering from them. But their ideas failed, and school education merely transformed a person into a person with knowledge and certain skills. Such talents may become technicians, engineers, doctors, teachers, white-collar workers, managers, and so on. People like this want to change homes

this is the 2 line opposite Wangzhuan practices, from the final gain this point of view, the same thing can be said. The two approach is to solve the problem of Wangzhuan risk. As Wangzhuan have a certain risk, especially the PTC project or money. Risk is not small, many projects did not collapse in a few days, this kind of good, not white for a few days. What’s most annoying is that some projects break down when you pay quickly, which is the most emotional. Even directly to make friends heart, lose confidence and interest in wangzhuan. This request is not rare. What can you do? Can you give up the PTC project? If you give up, it’s really a matter of heart. After all, money is a type of Wangzhuan can get higher yields. Then, the solution is the two ways: break through the quality; or cast a net over the sky.

to do a long time Wangzhuan, summed up the following tips, do Wangzhuan, there are 2 kinds of ideas and direction. One is to choose the best products to do, but the quantity is little, but the essence is to gain the income through the breakthrough of the fine quality; the other is doing everything, casting the net all over the sky and gaining the profit by the large amount.

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