Taobao guest’s wrath please give me a secure browserNegative material a GG Adsense cheating website

, or just like last year, a battle between 360 and , we know: Oh, our desktop can be someone else

2 and 360 browser


report violations of policy?

Since How does

by the way, shlf1314 Adsense help center’s "how to report violations of policy" is as follows. I suggest you found cheating on the site, must be positive to the shlf1314 report, some publishers out of the ranks of an evil member of the herd, so as to better protect the image and interests of the majority of publishers China! PS: Adsense China publisher’s image has been very bad, some advertisers refused to China user registration, GGAD Chinese publishers of price discrimination, these are China publishers not touched shame?

believes that when you first use the network, is the most used IE browser, and we have a lot of people in the Taobao customers, but no one has ever encountered a similar situation in the 360, whether or not 360 really naturally or half unconsciously delete our PID, but such behavior at least in the IE browser can not to.

will submit a violation website to us. Please use the contact form https://s.shlf1314/adsense/support/bin/ for the report. Please provide the following contents: in the form of illegal websites, for violations if possible, please indicate the specific location of violations occur. Quality feedback will help us to maintain your AdSense plan.


Taobao guest encountered such a thing, must be quite angry. "A webmaster cry: 360 don’t ruin our jobs." this article, the analysis is very profound, but also caused a lot of stationmaster of resonance, here I also Taobao passengers shouting the shouting: please give us a safe browser.


1, IE browser

just see a website in the page, even require the user to click on the ads put up a pageantry, this is a clear violation of the shlf1314 Adsense policy, such as the shlf1314 Adsense team to inspect the site found or reported, will cause the account to be shut down. The screenshot of this cheating website is as follows. As a negative teaching material, let us know.

we will periodically review the planned website and check if the sites are in line with the plan policy. If you find a website that violates the policy plan is displaying shlf1314 ads, please let us know so that we can do further investigation.

very early, and I have thought of doing their own Taobao customers, not necessarily to earn much money, mainly to see if I can from Taobao customers rely on Taobao’s industry inside what to learn. But the project has been stranded by the time being so tight that it is hardly ever recalled. Recently, the Taobao 360 rebate incident reminded me of the previous plan, but also let me want to talk about their views on this matter.

we often talk about, do shlf1314 Adsense must comply with shlf1314 Adsense related policy terms, not illegal, can’t cheat. Speaking of cheating, many people only abstract concept, not to understand conscientiously, so that one day, the account is K, began around the innocence, not knowing their behavior has seriously violated the

360 launched the browser is the name of a secure browser banner, there has been the implementation of the concept is safe, this is a very big advantage, but also a lot of users want, so gradually affected a lot of users, so that the most direct users slowly began to use the 360 browser, but is not really it is very safe

IE browser as a veteran browser has a strong strength, speaking of security, I still believe that the IE is not in IE to advertise, not foreigners in long face, I’m not "products will be no such idea, instead I also think the rise of the domestic industry is the browser one thing is very happy, but we have a sense of responsibility, be responsible for yourself, do a real consideration for users of the browser, do a really safe browser.


author website:, reproduced please retain the source, thank you for your cooperation.

is the earliest we are using a IE browser, not so much dirty, you have no choice, only use it, although IE such problems arise, but out of habit, there are still many people in the use of IE at present, we have seen in recent years, much of the browser, and the 360, the two. A browser seems to borrow some industrial advantages of their own, slowly to seize market share, but does not know that it is these new browsers give us too much trouble.


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