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campaign was a success, but only two hundred or three hundred yuan was sold for $1500.

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keeps charging until

"the idea of selling magic props is purely accidental." Xiao Shi told reporters that a Christmas class activities, one of which is that students should give each other gifts, "since my magic so popular with everyone, why not take it as a gift for

"the biggest advantage of magic is that it can make people happy and bring happiness to everyone." since childhood, he liked magic tricks. He was a magician in high school. Similarly, a pair of cards, washed casually, can be issued in advance sets of color and brand; three sponge rabbit, under your eyelid, from the palm of the heart into the plug, that is not the number of rabbits in his hand……

however, Witkey industry is feasible? Or long-term feasible? Face fresh works, and whether you really fit into the Witkey family? Here are some views and experiences for the design of fish share.

website has been running for more than a year, >

winning rate is very important,

Witkey, from the new network terminology, has gradually moved into people’s lives. It has not only is synonymous with part-time sideline, Witkey has already gradually developed into an occupation, a profession and industry. The enterprise uses the Witkey website to publish the demand way, carries on the reward collection request solution, the participant registers the bidding on the net, earns the reward by the successful selection plan premise. Because the program is variety, price is not the same, some tasks are often able to provide hundreds of dollars, and even a lot of spare time many college friends, capable of earning a few thousand dollars reward. This also makes many students, white-collar workers and unemployed personnel have a strong sense of trust to witkey. Even when losing goals or losing jobs, use Witkey as a life-saving straw.

dry Witkey to grasp the mentality,

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some friends think it is easy to do Witkey, and earn some money, naturally do not need too much effort. However, there are mountains outside, there are people outside. Experts everywhere, especially in this era of Internet prevalence, the master on the network is too numerous to mention. Do Witkey although the threshold is not high, but the Witkey owners must upgrade their technology, to constantly enrich their talents, continuous learning, in order to gradually adapt to the needs of higher level, so as to earn extra income more. The success of many Witkey part-time income is more than the industry talent, it is because of the continuous development of their own results.

everything is the same

Spring Festival Gala, Louis Liu’s magic show broke out in the country with a "magic fever", which was damaged by junior college students at China Jiliang University. Because he is not only a magic lover, but also a magic website, while displaying and promoting the art of magic, the sale of magic props and teaching videos. This time, his website hit rate soared, the turnover rate is the same as a natural and click on the road shot. Asked about the profitability of the site, Xiao happily raised a hand: "a month can reach five figures."."

then he suggested that each of us perform a small magic trick and exchange gifts for each other as a gift. The idea was adopted, and he and a classmate with a friend borrowed 1500 yuan, to a magic factory in Yiwu purchase.

in the small Shi helpless, Yiwu magic factory boss found him, ask him if he has any interest in helping him manage the company’s magic website, small promised. Site manager days, small Shi did not take a penny salary, but has accumulated experience in website management, understanding of a large number of customers and friends like magic.

Witkey is always in test, in the course of time will lose enthusiasm and momentum, eventually abandoned the cause of profit. There are hundreds of tasks on Witkey network. Witkey needs endurance, and needs more ability to learn how to screen for what he or she is good at and can excel in many competitors. Instead of picking out tasks that aren’t complete, just interesting. In this way, the rate of winning bid can be higher.

by the end of 2007, Xiao Shi and a like-minded friend had started a magic website, selling magic props and teaching videos. In order to meet the needs of different consumer groups, small selling products are complete, both expensive professional magic props, but also a few dollars of gadgets.

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therefore, the Witkey should take a good attitude and make use of his spare time. With mature mentality, it is suitable for dry Witkey family.

Xiao Shi in front of reporters changed a few small magic. In fact, the magic when he was in high school often represent the class in the school cultural festival, to the China Jiliang University, he also used these small skills in class and the surrounding bedroom folded a number of hardcore fans, everyone called him master, with him to learn magic. "These magic are my own Internet to find video materials learned, and slowly the technique of skilled." Little Shi said he himself had never really been a teacher.

founded the magic thousand


in the rapid development of the Internet era, Witkey as an emerging industry, is indeed the idle time more people provided money may also provide more play to the possible, provides a way of self value. However, Witkey, as a career supplement, is more suitable for you to have free time on the premise, rather than as a formal career. First of all, and not just Witkey is stable, bid and standards are relatively passive, the price is not a. Secondly, the work of Witkey has lost the communication and cooperation between people.

university students all worship him as a teacher,


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