Can you make money on site in 2008SEO Wangzhuan secret two do SEO for yourself

many times, we do SEO for ourselves without a very good goal, and we are all blindly rushing into the camp. No matter who is doing SEO, I want to make money is certainly the best, but in the short term does not necessarily make money is the first time a website, some short-term classes can’t earn money, but as a long-term investment will have a very good income, this is worthy of long-term investment. But I would like to suggest that we do such investments when we have a stable source of income, otherwise we will make money as our first priority. Don’t feel vulgar, don’t think money is unimportant. More often, we do SEO for money, and the more money we get, the more willing we are willing to pay. For yourself to do SEO, you must make money at the first place.

1, making money for yourself is the first SEO?

2, SEO for ourselves, what should we pay attention to,

do things for others, others will certainly earn more, if the income for others in a calm mood, do not understand, then you must do their own thing is finished, but if others earn more, you may have another idea. Many people are slowly making SEO for others and turning to SEO for themselves. SEO himself is actually a very easy thing, often need to consider very much and do some common problems and practices of the specific introduce SEO for yourself, I hope you can learn something.

!In fact, the

remember a long time ago, want to have a web site, their own when the webmaster is a very difficult thing, then it is harder to do a website than a graduate student, who called technology immature at that time,

station, I am also a personal webmaster, honestly, I graduated from the University, he studied mechanical, although mechanical work is still relatively easy to find work, but to find a job, do not want to do, not their own suffering, but he has no interest to do those things when self! "Made in school before, do a few simple web pages, and later found quite many people visit, so you have a sense of achievement, slowly I knew how to put the site traffic into money, started to hang a few ads by shlf1314, someday I received 100 check to send shlf1314 yuan, ha ha, or $!, the days are very excited, and his growing interest, the original site is not only to extracurricular amateur entertainment use, you can also make money! So I went to Greater enthusiasm to web pages, then go on the head of the road, although a lot of websites, many of them because of this reason is closed, but basically each have their own earned too many money, than to teach at the university when ah, part-time easily much! Before doing a few stations but has now closed! Until graduation, check your account, he had saved 15000 yuan of money, ha ha, although compared with those outstanding stationmaster I bad too far, but I am very proud to say: in fact, I am also a webmaster I would sooner or later, like them one day!, after graduation, want to do full-time, but the family did not know exactly what website, promising? Reliable? For I read so many years, do good work to find out, Is it OK to do a website? A series of question marks at home? I don’t want to worry about my family.

many people choose SEO Wangzhuan beginning intention is to earn more money, but do SEO for their own use more so, so the first thing that we should do is to SEO their ability, and can do the best, the most profitable project.

Hello, I’m Beijing Midea air conditioning maintenance. The front wrote an article "a secret SEO Wangzhuan: SEO" for others to do more is to introduce me to some of the ideas of SEO wangzhuan. I think SEO Wangzhuan for others to do SEO we need to do their best first, and then to provide customers with the best service. But most of the time, when we do SEO for others, we will feel very tired, and earn little, which prompted us to have another idea, but also every webmaster’s dream: to do SEO for themselves.


this problem, I believe we will see at a glance, I do not say more, just want to talk about their ability to maximize the need for great perseverance and execution as a support. Sometimes, the money industry is not necessarily suitable for their own SEO project, the most suitable for their own is familiar with the resources of the industry. Many people have talked about the industry to seize, as can earn money. The industry is not small, not to make money in the industry and industry of the partial, sometimes choose this industry but you caught a piece of treasure. Also, the most important one

was looking for a job, changed several jobs, finally found a design work, so the site can only be amateur hobby, every day after work to update the website, become a part of every day life! But now has several stations, January some site can also bring thousands of yuan income! But also very happy, because the thousands of yuan income is extra! And then put this into thousands of dollars I work for wages like family said, the family finally comforting smile, said: read the book is not the same, as everyone knows, I actually like home report the two wages, the monthly income of the website, even higher than the wage! I read many articles, know a full-time webmaster, and between the two do part-time webmaster is actually not that part-time webmaster than full-time owners earn less money, it can be said that there are many A part-time stationmaster earns more money than a full-time station owner

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