Want to become the first master Wangzhuan to emancipate the mindTaobao Alliance launched the million

"The challenge"

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group always ask me what websites make money and which alliances make more. This is a long-term topic. At the same time, it is not a question that can be answered in one sentence. Give you two stories, and everybody said:


, my friends, do you see? Let me sum it up: fishing for fish, no fishing. According to their actual situation, try to do what you can say Wangzhuan, such as monthly ad, or find their own customers to sell advertising

‘s business competition is to tap patterns and projects with investment value, as well as excellent webmasters. As one of the biggest sources of traffic on the web, the webmaster has been a top quality resource for China’s Internet giants. According to data released by the Taobao alliance earlier this year, the Taobao alliance in recent years for the owners of the amount of a large increase, and its daily share of the amount has been 800 thousand yuan from the previous line of continuous 4 times. "The promotion of excellent webmasters are how to maximize the mining site based on the audience, and analyzed the needs of the web audience, tailor-made brand and product right," Crespo card Xiamen Industrial Co., Ltd. CEO Wu Shihui believes that Internet companies Taobao union is currently the most effective, the input-output ratio of the highest promotion platform.

may you impatient, tell it where to go online. I want to say, we all do Wangzhuan, why always want to circle in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan? Why not jump out to ask me what alliance Wangzhuan? Well, this goes back to the Xiaomaguohe topic, don’t try, how do you know? I use GG hard to make, for you? I used to earn alimama you may, but no one to buy advertising. The problem came out, these alliances are not what they say! You do this union worked hard for a month, the League said you cheated, Baigan! We can do something to say Wangzhuan? The answer is yes, earlier in the day I announced my website www.markweb.net.cn, man. Once this kind of website is flying! Some even copy even color can not change! Of course group of friends more of their own ideological emancipation, and came up with a lot more sense to say the website.

second: Dragon Boat Festival to friends in the orchard mango, to the park, a lot of friends in the early friends picked. Because the number is too high, so the gardener had prepared dozens of special tools for picking mangoes, a long bamboo pole, the top of a round hoop, hoop around a gauze bag bag. Picking mangoes, as long as the hoops to watch a mango, mango will fall into the gauze bag is very convenient. I also took some of this tool, then think about efficiency is too low, simply lost, climbing a tree to pick friends under the tree directly, then, just pick a basket.

team of 9 people, but I took a fishing net. To the scene, are quietly fishing, but I find a small corner of the fishing. Because it was a dead corner, I stopped at the exit and took only 10 minutes to get a bucket of fish. Friends are not in an uproar, fishing, fishing

"the challenge" of commercial competition and Taobao alliance Symposium simultaneously, from the beginning of 2011 August, continued for half a year to December, have been launched in the country’s 8 largest city of Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xiamen, Qingdao, Xi’an, Chengdu, Hangzhou. Among them, the Hangzhou Railway Station will be the ultimate PK, ultimately decide the owner of year-end awards million. The contest has invited iResearch President Yang Weiqing, hoping to seek advice from President and chief analyst Lv Bowang, the well-known Internet expert Liu Xingliang and Harper Group Vice President Jiang Yameng will be meeting the selection, to ensure the professional and credibility.

August 16th, in order to open the strategic layout of the Big Ali as the background of the Taobao alliance, "Wulin World Conference" activities in Beijing announced the start. As one of the important contents of the conference, "the challenge" business competition will be held at the same time. The competition for the first time Adsense group, bonuses of up to million yuan, intended to dig excellent promotion mode and webmaster.

No. 1: the suburbs are building a highway. A pond will be filled and paved. After a few days, I asked some friends to go fishing. Know is a pond, enthusiasm is very high, some friends even a man with 5 pole fishing rod,

Taobao alliance open platform is an open platform alliance marketing Alibaba group, its number of registered members 18 million, the original platform will only open resource alliance website sellers and businesses to Taobao within the system, and this year because of the "demolition > Taobao"

The purpose of Partners in the !

50.taobao/syzf commercial competition is divided into 3 parts, the first is to receive the task book, from the first station in Beijing was started at every stop, online and offline at the same time published book, PK; followed by "winning contest", through online voting, business model, and promote performance of judges rating the winner of each round, select the candidate list, enter the end of the year "geochilmaru" conference; three is the "ultimate PK Hangzhou" station operation calendar winners in the year-end geochilmaru PK link, through on-site and guest judges for blows, by J Bo Te C sportica million Growth Fund flagship stores, clothing stores, Septwolves show PBA cosmetics shop, bedook cosmetics shop, is also the official flagship store, Shenzhen Valley Leather 6 seller Scarecrow jointly established, and "Wu Lin supreme.


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