Ringing of the network advertising into the 2 eraThe webmaster exchange group lectures two gentlemen

one, paid risk is low,

if the pay per click advertising portal, search advertising as a representative of the Internet advertising 1 times, then call to paid advertising on behalf of the pay advertising is the network advertisement into the 2 era, because the evaluation of advertising effectiveness, which uses a completely different way. We know that the former pay per click, click on can describe the advertising effect, or a big question mark. The latter, in accordance with the effective call fee, the effect of advertising in the most intuitive way to show out.

advertisers advertising has two psychological point, one is the cost of advertising, the two is the effect of advertising, the most concern is the cost of advertising, the last part of sh419’s customers suffered a high cost and low effect even after the click fraud began to wake up and embark on a crusade against the flicker trip. This is not a problem for the sh419 family, and two is the problem of almost all pay per click models. The biggest problem is the traditional model of the see Click to see the effect, in 100 hits in may only bring benefits for several times to the few, even by others sing programses do not know, so wasted a lot of money. Which is the advertising model ringing WYSIWYG, customers can be very intuitive to see the effect of advertising, so many customers have been transferred to the new advertising platform. The reason is simple, if you do not receive the call, that is, white show, white advertising services provided, this kind of thing, why not the customer?.

three, advertising intelligence

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The new online advertising model to pay

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from the sh419 search that turned nearly six thousand
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has always been his lucky proud

click into place also realized a truth
A person’s income, with a person’s thinking is proportional to the
this is the subject of my speech today
Wangzhuan change the thinking of people’s thinking, can be divided into five grades:
5% hands, thinking they only stay in the material level
half waste in the market with the aunt wanted one or two hair with
this is representative of material thinking people
, enjoy the spirit of their thinking on a more, see farther

ringing phone is an effective advertising by advertising brings, the advertisement has launched the "dotting the extension of interactive advertising company. Here we look at the ringing advertising than traditional advertising advantage:


at present, a survey showed that rely on traditional pay per click advertising model is becoming more and more new advertising models challenge sh419 click fraud last year, let more and more people pay attention to the potential drawbacks of search advertising, but in fact, this abuse is not limited to search advertising, it should be said that this is the essence of traditional click advertising model with the development of Internet advertising, and mature, the urgent need for the development of the new advertising model to improve and standardize the entire Internet advertising industry. In this way, according to the effect of charging the new model is born of course.

an advertisement to achieve good results, it is necessary to improve its coverage, which is the basis for network marketing. Coverage is large, the audience will rise, of course, advertising effect will be highlighted. Ringing marketing ability is very strong, the alliance website including NetEase, Tencent, Tom and other more than 2000 excellent website, which means that customers can be in the above advertising alliance website display, ensuring universal coverage and advertising, but also ensures the basic advertising audience, provide the basic guarantee to improve the overall advertising effect.

two, the popularity of advertising

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