Endless website construction of the chain in my eyes

    A.; ensure that the connection loss rate is not too high

first said that many determinants of the website rankings, but if I had to choose one of the most important factors, I will choose the chain! Of course, each Shanghai dragon Er standard and the idea is not the same, but the chain in Shanghai dragon’s position must be very important through! Some of my own experience, and made last year the station group chain wheel raise a Babel of criticism of website ranking case can explain the importance of the chain. So I say a little bit of experience of foreign chain construction, learning more knowledge of website optimization, please login login please take www.xuanxue贵族宝贝 .

We all know that

then how to reduce the loss rate of this link? Many methods, such as personal preference! Money, we can buy some long-term link, but the links do not try to buy garbage station, because there is no telling what the dumpster day off… We can raise some own independent domain name or blog like Sina, NetEase as a public blog, which is supposed to be quite good, because the link is not lost lost the right to decide on our own hands. There is a man in A5, behind such a well-known forum signature of such links can also be! Anyway, don’t let your chain lost too much too soon!

C. is looking for quality quality, not quantity quality for

I personally think that this is a more important place in the construction of the chain. What is the connection loss rate? Simply put you in a forum of 10 post and the 10 post it is love Shanghai included, but the administrator found after delete 5 posts, so in love in Shanghai the next finer page, there are 5 links will lost, then this link loss rate is 50%. Many owners said it is best not to use mass software, easy to be K, in fact, a large part of the reason is the connection lost too much! So, the manual links are not necessarily not loved Shanghai punishment, the incidence of software is not necessarily bad! The key is to control the link loss rate.

find the link to find high weight link! But high weight link is not easy to obtain! Such as high PR links to a few hundred dollars a month. High weight forum, we post a basic will be deleted and so on. In fact, we should not be too obsessed with these high weight links (of course best), the number of links is large enough, can have the same.

what do you mean? I like your blog is Taiyuan Shanghai dragon, then all the anchor text links because it is through the "Taiyuan Shanghai dragon" to refer to my homepage! But everything can not be 100%, so we can add some other anchor text links, such as "Taiyuan search engine optimization" endless "Shanghai dragon"! But these links, only sporadic add is good, or you can change the keywords.

B. do not 100%

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