Links is no longer valid How do the reverse link for Baidu

network favorites A few days ago in Shanghai

said the document sharing to increase the chain we all know is mainly for love or love for the Shanghai library Shanghai Encyclopedia of. Library of other sites can also, but in the love of Shanghai library effect will be more obvious. The library inside of the articles are generally authoritative, practicality and readability, for the more stringent audit. Because of this Shanghai dragon Er will move on the masterpiece library, and love Shanghai alleged infringement, without the writers agreed to publish this article in the library, by many writers on the court. Love Shanghai had to delete the library also deleted the masterpiece, a lot of the chain. If you have the intention to stay outside the chain in the library or suggest that you try to rely on their own original, plagiarism also love Shanghai vulnerable.

In addition to Sina

four, Shanghai Post Bar love by increasing the reverse link

love Domian query 568 talent network related chain, the results were amazed to find that no Links website. I think just unbelievable backlinks query, some large sites, also appeared in the same situation. Links is no longer valid? Or other reasons? Really let people remain perplexed despite much thought. After careful analysis, 568 talent network Links not think reason and Links role in the page structure and content, under normal circumstances, Links is placed at the bottom of the page, the relative importance is relatively low, and the theme of the page content relevance is not enough, plus the search engine is very easy to judge the link is exchanged, Links is no longer valid also be not at all surprising. Links is no longer valid, how do the reverse link for Baidu? 568 talent network simply summarized as follows:

micro-blog Shanghai Post Bar > is love

, a document sharing platform through increasing reverse link

two, by increasing the reverse link

favorites, feeds and bookmarks can be used now, many large websites will have these features, the music network favorites, love Shanghai collection, sina VIVI, YAHOO QQ bookmarks, bookmarks, bookmarks, Tencent. 568 talent network did not start to pay attention to this, and later found good results.

generally, create love Shanghai space within a few days can be included. In the space to add some articles and add your own website. At the same time, in the love of Shanghai in space Links also added to their site, love Shanghai included in space at the same time also link to find your new station. Shanghai love space promotion is a very good method, not only included fast if the article is well written for the web site also brings a lot of traffic. But the risk is very high, just in love "love Shanghai sea search space was closed", like this is really everywhere, almost every one is helpless sigh words ah. If you are a Shanghai dragon Er rookie suggest you prudence.

love Shanghai space three, by increasing the reverse link

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