Some practical experience to teach you how to optimize the movie website

is now a lot of people love to make your own movie website, but do not know how to promote, the online experience is mostly theoretical, no real help to the novice webmaster general. Here, I want to share a little of his own experience, hope to all the webmaster help.

at the same time, we should pay attention to the next month, and next month will be the release of the film, pay attention to popular trend of entertainment movies, the hot events associated with the film made of the long tail word corresponding, released on their website or in the Sina NetEase and other high weight place, leave the chain to your site, also can bring a lot of traffic.

Zhao Wei’s film "Youth" film, a movie website with "Youth" has done a lot of long tail word, it brought a lot of traffic for the site. Now, we can also use the same method: Wolverine 2, by the special status of other films in the film, we can make the long tail word with several movie name, issued on its website. In several major forum or blog, micro-blog, etc. to send, with links to your website, so you can bring a lot of traffic to your site.

movie website has a prominent shortcoming, that is the site most, with Marx, Feifei and other mainstream television systems, coupled with the contents of the collection and to basically rely on, this leads to the site of high similarity, which is not very friendly to search engines. Is the main reason leading to the initial collection of low or even not included.

Remember a while ago In fact,

on the choice of keywords. There are a lot of keyword suggestions online, what do not use hot, according to user search habits.’. I think these are not the main. For the film site, the keyword is not the most important, to the drainage, is the most important. Therefore, the rational use of the word long tail keywords than good.

But the

so early in the site, site of the template must change it yourself, delete some extra, adjust the layout. Then the collection from the content, a slight change of the content of the film, etc.. Don’t trouble, every day to change some, you will find that the website soon included. Note that several months at the site early, must insist that every update is stable.


also love Shanghai, know that 360 question is the main source of local traffic. We can use the "Wolverine: 2 what time?" "special identity is 3D’s" love the way the Shanghai question, question and answer, clever with their own website, attracted traffic. Of course, because love Shanghai know more and more strict, so try not to use advertising too obvious question or answer.

movie website optimization method with other sites, is nothing more than the construction of the chain, high quality chain, original articles, etc.. The general webmaster will, not to say.

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