The enterprise website optimization should be how to do

a picture easy to quickly understand the structure of the site layout, the structure design is actually a flat tree structure, navigation is clear, in order to be included in search engines, suggest you use can produce static program.


website optimization is the most difficult part, I >

want to see more and more analysis, multi reference, I believe you is not difficult to find the difference of the characteristics, and the reasons for doing so. Through the above 2 screenshots, careful and you may find the following several details of website optimization operation method.

is engaged in website optimization for many years, rarely share experience on this, the following is my operation of the enterprise stand optimization, we do not know is how to operate it, hoping for some new employees some inspiration, some help, also hope to know some of Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, to discuss about the nature of the search engine optimization method. The recent share to a client’s website as a case to explain the main points, title and site structure of three levels.

two, on the website

picture 3

take a screenshot, what you saw

, a web site about the title and description method:

1, a title: _ fire pump fire pump fire pump manufacturers selling price _15 _ Shanghai blue machine pump manufacturing Co., Ltd., a total of 33 characters, according to the current Shanghai love search results show the title character number description. The title features of short length, prominent 15 years factory the company’s advantages, and advantages in terms of price, the advantage of customer service.


picture 2

three, website optimization operation of

2, a figure description: Shanghai blue machine pump manufacturing Co., Ltd was founded in 2003, specializing in the production of fire pump, submersible pump, centrifugal pump, pipeline pump and other equipment through the ISO9001 quality system certification and CCC certification, products of good quality, long service life, fire pump manufacturers selling price. The same is to love Shanghai search results show that the number of characters description description. Description content of outstanding enterprise received important honors, highlighting the authority of the advantages of product quality.

The actual operation of

through the above picture you see what

3, figure two: the site title in Wenzhou where good Yuesao _ Wenzhou Yuesao training school _ Wenzhou _ company Yuesao Wenzhou prolactin division _15 maternal care experience is worth trusting! Love this title according to Shanghai search shows the actual results of the title was long, if appropriate interception may be more, if the website keyword many cases it is difficult to make a choice. So we according to the actual situation, because the station is long term, so these details could also be ignored, if the flow is generally used today, I figure a way to streamline the site title and description.

picture 1

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