Several aspects of user interface design is easy to ignore the

the user interface design is excellent tolerance. The user interface is tolerant, refers to the user in your interface mishandled, or because some unintended behavior caused not in accordance with the rules of operation, the user interface will not easily display the dislocation of the information, but to find ways to guide the user to the rest of the operation. The user interface of tolerance means that the user makes a mistake will not be the so-called punishment, because there are many user errors are difficult to predict. Therefore, the design of user interface can be excellent error as large as possible to predict users, and guide users to jump to the corresponding page. So in the user interface, once the misoperation of the user, not pop up at the interface of the so-called "warning" or "big ugly face" to prompt the user to operate illegally.


first, excellent user interface not allow users to feel increased UI elements. The interface space size of any product is limited, and can not expand without limit, the user interface is limited in scope, there is one thing we cannot ignore is not hinder the user in the user interface visual experience. Most of the time, we will order the users in the interface to the user add navigation buttons, navigation and other UI elements, but sometimes these UI elements will be an obstacle, it seems that the navigation appears to give user guide, let the user easy to use, but will increase the burden to the user. For example, we often use the navigation bar to the bread crumbs to let users know where their site location, but intangible increased visual elements on the page, although not directly to the user burden, but the precious screen space occupied, and originally on this screen placed the important content the area is reduced, so the increase seems to give users the convenience of UI elements is not necessarily to the user interface design.

Internet products foothold lies in the user, and the user first contact is the user interface, we often find ways to the user interface design better, but the results are often far from the expected effect, the reason is sometimes difficult to find, but we do not stop at the user the interface design this crazy, holding constant reflection amplification, but we may start misses the point, is also a very important aspect, that is: the user is not to play with your product interface, and really care about is whether you can bring value to the product. Therefore, in many cases, the user interface design is not a product manager of that 100% of the absolute, but once the user interface is good enough, it is often difficult for users to directly pay attention to, are those in which the interface design of Internet products very bad let users suddenly aware of user interface design is really good let the user feel invisible experience is good, but there are also some easy to ignore the product manager and designer.

again, distinguish the user needs and requirements on the user interface. We often say "in the user interface

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