Several elements to enhance the portal page information PV

portal news information real-time strong, in the channel after the release of the article, to promote and optimize the time to do. Because the amount of information channels are generally larger, shorter period of data collection, so the editors have very time consuming in the content of the publication, which is more likely to cause news updates no subsequent promotion, within 24 hours of PV 0 is not as odd. First, we can use the portal to the forum to do some promotion, website forum and general channel segments, so in related sectors, can promote our article. Micro-blog, QQ group, bookmarks are available, such as the local clothing shopping news, you can share some of this need of information users. For example, a city shopping very much, consumers need to direct the information they need, such as specific brand discount and period of time. You can also do BSP blog, sina NetEase can add article >

Im doing promotional information to information content

we go to consider upgrading the PV before the manuscript can let love the fastest in Shanghai is very important. The reason is very simple, the portal news is time short, but the content page every day on a large number of articles. If the release of 6 to 10 hours in the news like Shanghai are not included in this manuscript is to do nothing. So improve the title of quality, the content of the original, get the favour of spiders are essential. Show the news generally combined with the way, so the picture and information need channel editing field to collect hard collected material, only after the most reasonable processing can be included. To enhance the title of the novel, also as close as possible to the network instant popular search terms, such as portal column fashion shopping guide updates, news headlines and both local and industry hot words and docking, docking, such as holiday hot words, fashion vocabulary. This included in the article itself is helpful. The other is from the point of view to enrich the content and pictures originality, text content to optimize the picture to bring benefit to search keywords and labels. From speeding up the news included and enhance the PV point of view, in addition to the content quality, promotion is not less work.

to improve the quality of

many portals, especially local portal, home of the Shanghai love although weight reached 6, Google PR 6, but in dozens of channels, especially compared to some popular channels, in the whole of the first page of the column below, many of the PV is not up, because the weight of home page scattered to the channel page, and the article is made of Shanghai love can be included, so PV may be hovering at less than 10 in a short period of time. A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) to say here is a qualified network of editors, not only to be carried out timely updates, maintenance of the promotion work is actually more important.

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