On your website why K love Shanghai

is more than 3 months of my own research results, the article also wrote here, thank you for your support of · finally AD. This article from the Heyuan forum www.08-a贵族宝贝 starting admin5贵族宝贝, please indicate the !

5, website design: we can enjoy the discuz, dedecms, phpwind, open source, default template they are well designed, especially the dedecms template, very conducive to the spider crawling content. But you have set the template font with a background color that is easy to be K, if you haven’t set to search engines, then you stand on the search engine is worthless.

2, the quality of the content: the website is more collection station, such as novels, movies, no power station station local information portal. Why local portal to K? If you do not have a media cooperation, or a news organization to do local portal on the game, because your content 95% is collected, only 5% of the original. But in a period of time a large collection included began to stay at a certain stage, if you want to keep the present situation must intensify the collection, if you want to change the situation that you are in danger.

K station will optimize the site code, because the quality of content, the chain effect, the server factors, website design etc.. In fact, do stand is a game, if the violation of the rules of the game change is likely to be kicked out. Acument recently encountered many sites are K restore customer consultation, many customers are not abide by the rules of the game caused by K station.

1, website code optimization: for a station with Shanghai based dragon based stationmaster is rarely encountered this problem, if you are a novice webmaster can choose to use open source program, but the template must meet the optimization requirements, if not on the use of official development templates, so you can reduce the risk of K.

3, the chain of the chain method is usually artificial hair (tired) this method has some people to adhere to, but the hands must have certain quality resources; software group (virtual) will often see the love of Shanghai chain more than 10000, Google chain none, I think there is no quality; Links (less) Links generally at about 35, and the other link must have quality, regular; black chain accumulation (risk) black chain is a cheat easily K station; buy links (expensive) if you are a nouveau riche can consider this method, good results.

, 4 factors: weight at the end of the server for space station will cause the website snapshot slow, etc.. If too much on your web server, it is easy to be affected by K, such as blog on the Internet as acument Lanbing, when buying 30 sites with a IP, now has 108 sites, acument blog is very dangerous. But this time is going to replace the independent IP space.

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