How to optimize the dedecms to maximize your website traffic

I am using

modify the content page, download page UL, DL, OL, CSS style, make the show more beautiful, a sense of hierarchy.


LOGO H1 to delete the source template tag

content pages, software download page title source H2 change to H1, and increased H2.

Optimization of Webmasters do stand in the

keywords label, the label, the search engine has no effect.

Title tag. List page title is calling "modify the program" background "Shanghai dragon title"; the content page is called the title of the article, the article title "format for the -2 column -1 column – site name"

The following

software, modify the content list page list page, page TITLE, TAG classification and description of the description information, the title page is not the same. Title: Shanghai dragon forms such as Title _ (2) – the name of the website

mainly made the following changes:

modify the software download page for a list of UL software is introduced, the "layered

increased /sitemap.php generation sitemap site map program. Run this program, you can automatically generate the site map, can be submitted to the Google web site administrator or robots.txt file.

when the CMS is mostly preferred DEDECMS, my web browser for CMS and DEDECMS network evaluation. Since so many webmaster choose its website, certainly has its own advantages. I use DEDE for many years, every time a new do stand, must first to modify a template of Shanghai dragon, is really into the effort cost. Because it is the default template and can’t meet my needs, but there are still some problems of DEDE bug, is very detrimental to the Shanghai dragon. So, today I wrote about how to optimize DEDECMS, and provide a free after optimized model for owners to use.

modify the page, content pages, software download page main content area width, to make it more beautiful. The source of the template file BUG

The template Delete the

software, delete the content list >

software, software download page list page on the right side of the software uploads.

template is dedecms 5.6 GBK the default style template, although the default template from the personality is not too beautiful, can not be used to meet the head of the industry do. But it is functionally, most of all, basically have DEDE functions are shown. Here, I talk about how Shanghai dragon on the DEDECMS, for the majority of beginners webmaster and Shanghai dragon has just begun station reference.


content pages to add a list of related articles, more conducive to Shanghai dragon.

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