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May, just out of the company, passion very much, with the company learned a little SEO fur, began to do MMS optimization station. But with sh419’s algorithm a big change, the original fool style powerful optimization has become worthless. During the two song station, a multimedia thesaurus optimization station, a movie station, spent half a month’s time, persisted in a record fifteen thousand records of the lyrics and five thousand movie database. At this time, I only know that through a lot of data, Skynet optimized sh419, traffic advantages.

wants to get rid of poverty, poor communication must be "". I have access to the Internet for more than three years, has been working in a well-known Internet company, spent nearly three years of time, feel the development space is limited, so in May this year, our little website at home, do four months, now also finally stepped into the "rich stationmaster" list. The daily income of more than 1000 yuan. I will now do all the experience from the station to share with you, I hope to give the majority of food and clothing and not enough to bring some help.

says, "poor men are poor minds.". Before 4 months, I developed a habit, fixed two hours every weekend night, alone in a park, about

in the past registered for almost four years, and no less here to stroll, feel the bitterness and toil of many webmaster. A few days ago, I saw DDZ wrote an article "looking backward, tired everywhere, the size of the webmaster," and I saw the deep feeling. China’s Internet money making crowd situation, 80% of people are unable to eat 15% food and clothing status, but 5% are living "moisture" life. Moreover, the rich and poor disparity, rich stationmaster more and more rich; the poor stationmaster breaks the finger to live, some suspected good project, wants to throw not to be able to do well, has missed many opportunities, the result is poorer and poorer. In the course of time, the formation of a poor poor webmaster circle, find your way every day in their own circle, but the lack of effective communication between the rich and the owners, so that it is easy to lose confidence, like to see Sihai before a netizen wrote "not to engage in, Lao Tzu went to home farm" is like this. ! in fact in most cases, login search engine is not the only means of publicity and promotion of your site. To achieve real success, you still need to use many other technologies and methods. However, when you log on to the appropriate search engine, also can bring a lot of traffic to your site, and you almost do not need to spend what. Of course, the appropriate login will take you some time and effort, but the rewards will be doubled to you these input. Will have tens of thousands of new sites every day. Think about it! How surprising figures. But most of them do not have the appropriate use of the meta value, and the search engine robot is according to the meta value to search the site. Here are some tips and tricks:You use the most commonly used

2, plural keywords,

e.g., " books" book", instead of " then, when people check book or books, your site will appear in front of him

3, keyword uppercase and lowercase spelling are used on a variety of.

such as: books, books, books with a word more than three spelling does not have much effect, although the usual spelling mistakes can work.

The combination of

5, you must use the

is displayed on your page. In order to use these meta values. One can find the highest ranked sites of the source file to do some reference analysis.

The approximate location of

at the beginning of June, seeing to May revenue situation continues, there will be starved to death, so expect to find friends from two years engaged in the network to make money. My friend told me that he was making money on blogs, earning four hundred or five hundred dollars a day, and more than six hundred. I don’t believe that the artificial simple BLOG, and only one day to spend three hours a day time, income is ten times of my income a month? He told me, Chinese entertainment market, the largest film market, and the market has dispute state, it is money.

ended in defeat in May, the average daily income of 20 yuan. The only accumulation: the lyrics library, the movie database one. At that time, he began to puzzle and began to think a lot. There was only one thing to think about: how to better import useful traffic from sh419.

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