The recent observation of love Shanghai to review the new time

recently made a new enterprise station, but since the website online to now for two weeks, even on the front page of the site did not set out. I have formal means, this half a month to me every day to update the original content. To add the chain of ten day, everything is normal to do optimization, but even this is also not put out, but I went to have a look at the site of the log, the log is in love of spiders in Shanghai have been displayed, and included the content, and has just not put out. This situation shows on your web site and extend the review period, according to the previous experience is generally out of the home page included a week later, basically two to three times after the big update, that is one to two months to come up with that snapshot. But this obviously I feel bad. But this is not my website, but the overall change trend of search engine.

there is a B2B trading platform is so similar, you know the station to do business people not to go to the B2B trading platform to send some information, in order to do the chain or to do promotion or B2B commerce platform is quite important for the enterprise website, generally B2B business platform weight for the optimization of precision is relatively high, long tail keywords that is a product of the great opportunity, many people will not give up this. Logically speaking B2B trade platform high weight should be loved in favour of Shanghai should be included in what is not difficult, I also chose a large trading platform previously included several good to build their own shops, but also with the blog as the case, half a month later, the search engine to be included, only love Shanghai did not like what reaction, really anxious.

personal judgment about it, may be love Shanghai adjustment algorithm. For new sites or new blogs including the new B2B shops, as long as the new things will strengthen the audit, but I believe that pre audit more stringent, once the website or blog is released will be trust, will be more easy to get good rankings.

should not my personal practices led to the problem of love for Shanghai I a station extension of the audit, but this is the collective. About two months since the love of Shanghai for the new site audit period is long, for this question I specialized in the two forum and QQ group conducted a survey, many of my friends are also met with me, also is the new sites included time prolonged. Not only that, but even some third party blog will extend the time included, or wait a long time to put out. Because I made a new station recently, in order to develop a new resources to the site, so I took a blog way. Did not think the blog collection is quite slow. Like Google, Sogou, search the major search engines are included, but I love Shanghai but not included, which makes me unusually depressed ah, but it also confirmed that my judgment should be correct, in fact I believe a blog may have been included, but not put out.

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