Won the four elements of analysis in the implementation of the successful implementation of website

, do not say, a clear idea of the immediate implementation of

Think of

management guru Yu Shiwei said, is also a kind of execution excellence. Similarly, website optimization to win, is the pursuit of excellence. Website optimization is a system engineering, from the selection of the host domain name, to the site of global planning, to enrich the content of the construction of the original production and post, is definitely a very long-term work. QianYiFaErDongQuanShen, can be said that the optimization effect of every detail will affect the later. For example, host selection, operation to ensure a fast and safe stability is the key to the success of the website optimization, such as construction and building links, every detail can not be ignored. The pursuit of excellence to perfect, "

as said, do not say, but immediately to the ideal into reality. So the first element is the immediate action, of course this action is established in the right way on the basis of. Sometimes, do not have to fully grasp the skills, you can immediately take action. Website design and website optimization is a dynamic process, methods and skills also need to strengthen further with the implementation of. But the website optimization is a very long-term thing, so not to fully master the skills, began to perform. Began to move, as long as the action on the road, in a step by step towards success. But needs to be emphasized is that immediate action not reckless action, but need to have the plan to have the step of execution. The old saying "forearmed nopreparation", also suitable for site optimization, targeted immediately, persevere will succeed.

two, do it best, the pursuit of the perfect implementation of lean

is not only the site optimization, now many enterprises have also emphasized the core competitiveness and the implementation of the issue, because the core of competition among enterprises is the competition of people after all, but the essence is the competition of the execution contest. A few days ago I wrote "the website optimization secrets to success is to repeat things to do", but also stressed that the implementation of the issue. This article is published in the A5, the owners asked the website construction production or website optimization at the end of this message, how long will be successful? I understand that adhere to the success that day of arrival will be successful. The key problem is that the website construction and website optimization it is a dynamic process, with the continuous changes in the competitive environment, there can be no once and for all things, also insist on only a beginning and no end. Want to maintain a strong competitive advantage only by the persistence of eternal execution. Professional website construction company pilot technology (www.joyweb.net.cn) believes that the success of website optimization only unremittingly, borrowed the song "BBK" in the lyrics of "the world its own justice, to pay the total return, that do not want to do the best", we will deduce to the site construction production and site optimization implementation. That is the immediate execution and lean implementation, continue to strengthen implementation, will eventually win in the implementation.

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