A5 forum for the collection of common problems in writing articles about the original summary

website is updated every day a few original best

explained: the site every day update how many original articles? Personal energy is limited, how to arrange the original articles and pseudo original articles proportion of

explained: Published in your blog, is also published to other forums? Or website content are included and reproduced to other forums? Shanghai dragon is not the essence of content is king, the chain for the emperor? What should be taken into account, or focus on a

blog article is not included, is related to two aspects: first, the weight of the blog itself. As the railway station, the content of the website included or not, can be through the web log files, whether successful capture, return 200. But even if the new collection will not necessarily be able to successfully put out, may wait until the love of Shanghai’s small update will put out. As the old station, the content of the website in a two article not included possible is the content of the article has lots of repetition on the Internet, but not by the search engine retrieval success; there is a possibility that the site is by some factors, >



Shanghai Longfeng original article weight problem

website update is not required to update a lot, as long as they adhere to the update on the line. My advice is to update the original article 1-2 article, of course, according to your industry, if you do business station, to really call you write how many true original articles can not be realized. Not to write original articles of Kung Fu, then take the pseudo original articles to practice at home. False original article written, became the original article, 1-2 article is enough.

explains: this problem is a problem I recently encountered. The original article is basically every day, but in the search engine it is not qualified, directly on the NG. I believe that other children also encountered such problems, in a short period of time does not include the contents of the article, and the collected before the good.


my blog is original, why is

not included? Answer:

as a webmaster, whether you encountered such problems: how to do in this article is not included; how to write; do not be to write original articles, pseudo original won’t etc.. I think every webmaster have experienced, are from this stage step by step. But new friends later will have the same problem. Today Chengdu Shanghai dragon put some articles about the original problems are summed up, from the A5 Q & a plate comparison to find the common problems.

answer: most people should know, love Shanghai or other search engines once included the time before, generally considered to be the original article. So we should follow is the first in his blog published original articles, when confirmed in the article has been collected, then the appropriate reprint your article, remember when reprint articles plus links.

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