The analysis included time why love Shanghai display different positions

in the content, many traditional enterprise website and personal Er Shanghai dragon have a misunderstanding, a lot of articles are written to the search engines look rather than to your own site to see, is to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai and wrote a lot of relevant material Shanghai dragon. Factors love Shanghai to judge a website content is very much, one important factor is the user experience, the people may read a lot of articles, but did not really understand the meaning of user experience, user experience includes the user of the site content recognition and site dependence and user stickiness, such as many webmaster I saw the A5 webmaster, this website will feel good, every day come to see, the user viscosity is very high, Shanghai love think A5 webmaster network user experience to do good will give A5 a good ranking, which is part of the user experience, user experience also includes opening speed website page, multi site user registration convenience, the site code is simple and so on.

The release of

personal webmaster circle popular saying called "content is king, the chain for the emperor" means the chain proportion is greater than the content, so many owners spend a lot of time in the chain promotion, such as forum posting blog post, B2B SNS, classified information, looking for every opportunity to do a lot of the chain, through love the adjustment of Shanghai it is not difficult to find that it is "the contents of the emperor chain is king" era, the content proportion at 60% or even 70%, so webmaster friends should spend more time in terms of content, qualified enterprises should specialize in some professional recruitment website editor, added a lot of original content for your web site.

recently observed website found a strange phenomenon, to love Shanghai web site among the time display position is different, one is in front of love Shanghai snapshots, the other one is under the title of the article, see below.

through the above phenomenon we see not hard, love Shanghai for high-quality original content and special on the contents of the news of the original special care, a period of time before the love of Shanghai launched the original spark program that love Shanghai will encourage high quality original content and give priority to recommend.

had seemingly not encountered this phenomenon, and then consult the love Shanghai official, the official explanation is the general news content will propose a time to put in front, rather than news content will be displayed on the back of time. I compared the contents of each top network, web site (www.hudigg贵族宝贝) is divided into 2 sections, one is the master version, a version information, clearly distinguished, all the time displayed on the back is the webmaster version of the content, the content and news content has little relevance, and fast as time display in front of the contents are information version of the news are relatively strong, so the display time is included in the front, this phenomenon also confirms Shanghai’s official explanation given love.


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