Love Shanghai 8 22 notice detailed interpretation on low quality content

in fact here some people with no further thought, is the love of Shanghai mentioned in the announcement about the low quality content, how to understand, what does it really mean that he is love, several Shanghai own list, I think one of these points to understand, some may not overall, love Shanghai since the reform, the ultimate goal of the reform is to present high quality website to you, in this update, there is a class of such sites fell, some on the website of this kind of website said the following. Is that your website is ready, and then submitted to the search engine, and then on the matter, then the site has been placed there anyway, or some tubules, is occasionally sent a few articles, and then the spider does not do the work, Links who also don’t get, believe this website the proportion is quite small, these updates are handled this website, this website also belongs to the typical low quality content, this website is just a straightforward account for the pit site, this several times updated to give love sea right down such sites, these sites and warning. Suggest that you do, to continuously optimize the station outside the station. The website into high-quality website, do not do it, to become the Internet garbage.

, we look at the parameters included less, the chain is small, do it regardless of the site, included and this is the typical website links and only page snapshot of no, this has not yet been K off, just a right down, belong to the warning range, of course we have most concerned about how to solve this kind of website, is actually very simple, is that you leave it on the back, such as Gaga content, do link, or find a few Links, believe from the snapshot return was also not too far away.

love Shanghai, by observing the fast two months, found a new phenomenon, we can work together to explore. A few days ago, Shanghai again update algorithm is love, the webmaster all know the 8.22 announcement, which has a very important word: some low-quality content in search results is cleared, it will further reduce the search results in the low quality of the show. Focus on random collection and hyperlink cheating, then these days I also saw a lot of love for Shanghai this announcement made 8.22 aspects of interpretation, because this love Shanghai in this announcement, the following key lists several categories, so that most of the articles are made for these points reading, then a lot of friends by K website also found this condemnation, some do not meet their own, then love Shanghai twitchy and similar words again.

Several recent updates The ultimate goal of

love Shanghai show more and better site for the majority of Internet users, eliminating a number of pits the site, only everybody moving together to provide high-quality website so as to promote the Internet >!

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