Optimization of five strokes Shanghai dragon skills allow you to easily do the hospital website


within and outside the chain chain we are basically Qingjushulu, here say the chain points.

web content is fine is not much! The mature type of hospital cases into the hospital website related content sections, true and useful.

, editor of the location:

whether the query through the network or professional books, or the hospital experts talk, just powerful, authoritative content. Even if the number of update site, you each station every day update two articles always do

at present, more and more hospitals are aware of the importance of Web site optimization, a very realistic manifestation by Shanghai dragon to bring you the rewards are very objective. But for now our hospital site optimization team, especially beginners, optimize team on behalf of the Weifang kidney disease hospital network operations and share more practical five strokes Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques. Things in a commonplace talk of an old scholar said online rotten, we’ll start with the actual point.

is certainly good, but you let where sacred day to dozens of sites to update our website? The purpose is to facilitate users to access, understand that they want to know. In this point, your keywords location of each site, filled with pseudo original can be really useful.

, blogs, forums, encyclopedia, quiz, classified information, yellow pages, shops, bookmarks, these platforms are widely and strive for the quality of the web. For example a point, itself a complaint of little importance or do not know how many times for reprint posts, you only respond to so few not essential words, leave a link, no use; also is to send a good topic to stable and effective, save time to do gymnastics.

do not collect send, not to scribble a wash, if will have congenital heart disease, it is estimated the editor never graduated from primary school to get a college diploma.

The importance and methods of

first, friends of the chain do not just look at the snapshot and included quantity, weight should be ranked keywords, see each other website, see from the experience of the layout and content; moreover, as the same industry, the chain must not be dead.

optimization strategy

two contents:

site link:


! Secondly

finally, if the website ranking optimization count the number of these places outside the chain, then everyone sooner or later to send it! So, extensive and natural, can be effective. The focus of Shanghai dragon is the large number of one-way links recommended, mainly in all kinds of master station.

so, website content must be real, practical, able to help others. This proved not only their own kind, let alone to purify the network environment, and the degree of customer experience has been in effect website ranking.

The original Three, Fill

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