To prevent the site collection experience is love Shanghai K station

now to everyone for example:

in 2008 to build my website, in 2008 the site now can be an old station, only included the home page, the snapshot is relatively old, then I also do the station soon, just a little bit. The first step is to set up the site, and then the content of the new station, so every day send some original articles and pseudo original, every day about 30-50, about 1 months after this, love Shanghai included the 1000 page PR rose to 2, then others see those big web site included are millions of pages the traffic, and particularly large, produced a great temptation, so I began to collect, beginning when the acquisition 100-300 every day, has collected more than a week, love Shanghai included, even if included, later or lost, I think it is the quality problem, and then slowly the collected articles are modified, some of their words and, let the quality of these articles become higher, so the observation for about two weeks and was collected, and before the acquisition All information was collected, with love in Shanghai included included more I become more greedy, the daily number of acquisition increased from 100-300 to 300-500, the time over a month included really love Shanghai rose to more than 10000, was really excited, always think the higher the site was included, cattle, and later collected for a period of time, when the love of Shanghai included up to more than 50 thousand when the traffic has reached more than 5000, this has been the collection included up to 130 thousand, slowly flow suddenly fell, originally a day more than 5000 IP down to dozens of iP, it was really mad, it clearly what is love Shanghai punished, after several days have collected began publishing false original article, published manual >

Information Collection refers to unstructured information extracted from a lot of other web pages are saved to the database structure of the process. The content of the website collection has its advantages and disadvantages, collection of web content more will be search engine that website content is repeated, when there will be a garbage station, the station was K can, let me share with you my anti site acquisition experience love Shanghai K station. I hope to help you:

every day a large number of acquisition, love Shanghai may think your website information is repeated, a garbage station, if the first day you collected 100 articles, 200 articles were collected for second days, third days is not collected, which belongs to the update frequency is not uniform, the love of Shanghai will start to notice you.

The benefits of

web content acquisition

website content

first we to understand the benefits and disadvantages of website content acquisition:

. When the

web content acquisition can let included your site to get a lot of improvement in a short period of time (you must have high weight website), most of the network traffic to catch the other hand, the flow of competition.

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