The news press decided Shanghai dragon success

perhaps for many novice don’t know how to post the news, how to send the news to the perfect marketing effect, understanding is not very thorough, for what the website can send the news, there is still doubt what problems and how to site is not how to send, then in detail about the soft soft news press.


Shanghai Longfeng road is a change rapidly Road, we do not need to know programming code, we only need to follow the pace of the Internet, make the best of natural ranking, but in this way, with the help of software

What can the news website news article?

news article is all marketing methods of website ranking of the most influential, so how to send

believe it is a must!

rise of network marketing, from now on for 10 years, Shanghai Longfeng do Shanghai Longfeng more and more mature, more and more people! And how many people know the real Shanghai dragon? I believe many people know it, I do not know why! Personally think that the most important thing in Shanghai Longfeng way news marketing! Each industry website cannot do without the network of soft power, soft Wen promotion industry website is the current situation in all walks of life can not consider the rate of key topics.

there are a lot of fish in the garbage press platform, are sent to garbage sites, links cannot find, included and ranking more scanty, so now more see the news soft press is generally the way to find a professional, on behalf of the platform, through professional platform and operation will be a good news editor soft release out, than in the past to find website editors, thanks to find the convenient method, now better known only according to Bo Yang marketing network 贵族宝贝 I know, user recharge after all the time process are determined by the customer, follow the prompts a school will be, do not need the technical content no, everyone can. The key is byond platform are some large media, such as: Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Hexun, published rankings and included is obvious to people, but also my own wise remark of an experienced person


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