Stand in the perspective of Shanghai dragon ASO now mobile search bug

to write this article, I always think with the development of Internet technology, the mobile terminal algorithm of search engine in which method development, or is it the change trend is what? I’ll have these problems, not because I am particularly boring, not on the technical level of the research, I’m just a the ASO occupation attitude to consider this problem.

, do not for a long time, so to be honest, I am now feeling the stones. So this article is mainly about some of his own ideas, if wrong, hope that the exchange.


mobile search engine algorithm any updates, I personally think is to accomplish two goals, the first is to make up for the loopholes in the technology, fight against cheating. The second is the depth to meet the user search experience. In short, the algorithm will be more and more like the PC side of the search engine, even more than one day in the PC search technology.

1, easily lead to love Shanghai alert, but found that the punishment of Shanghai love is great, if you high quality web content, may be punished lighter, on the other hand, K hair is not left. Some software to remove the name of three heavenly home gimmick, will say what pure artificial click, I don’t believe.

it says the Shanghai dragon artifact what are not, a member of every software brush is good. But there’s a catch, three days to get to the home page keywords brush is certainly gratifying, but also brought a series of consequences.

ranking is extremely unstable, short time, short time. Teach you a little skill, to see whether the brush is actually very simple, compared to the PC and the mobile terminal of the index is good, now PC side is difficult to brush, brush the mobile terminal is very simple words, if two is too large, then brush the keywords.

I remember in 2012 when many webmaster can use software brush keywords, this kind of software is to simulate real click, which mentioned keywords click rate reached a rapid increase in weight and ranking the purpose. The general election is ranked in the top three pages of words, new sites, most of the brush is brand word, through this kind of software brush ranking, usually in about three days will brush to the first three pages.

PC now the search engine has been very intelligent, obviously bug has ceased to exist, and new data if the float is too great if it is easy to be monitored to love Shanghai, which is why there are many > last year


PC search bug

3, but was a punishment to love Shanghai, love Shanghai back, do not know which year which month, perhaps 35 years. If you really want to use the new bug to do what, my advice is to add some more, and then the webmaster point of each other keywords, according to friends that new point of each other two weeks will have effect.


I was from Shanghai Longfeng turn do ASO

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