Tears and a history of female rookie webmaster outside the chain

three, finishing up their chain of information, began to send the chain released, to set their own records, every day how much outside the chain, and recorded.

in Shanghai search outside the chain of various forums, the chain recorded one by one, then the actual collection of the chain resources of more than N, can send the chain, can do the signature of the forum only scanty, many forums are now refusing to release the link.

side chain continued for many days after, check the chain included, made twenty, the results included only 2, that anxious ah, this is what the situation? Later found some website source code using the rel= "nofollow" label, the label after use the outer hair, "

four, the chain of hair to monitor, see the chain of hair is to be included in the

just contact Shanghai Longfeng this line is completely unsuspectingly. There is no basic fundamental point, can be said to be the 0 start, every day is in self-study, see the video but don’t know what to say. The melancholy mood ah, about the station optimization, can be said that there is a little understanding, because a basic station is not, it seems from the site to learn the knowledge, it is with the Shanghai dragon are inseparable and complementary to the. Only look a little bit but that is outside the chain, then the chain from the start.

, the first step to do the chain collection, and make a chain collection form

two, collected the chain after finishing to a spreadsheet, but also for the chain resources selection, if there can not leave the link can be directly deleted.

later found other predecessors are in love with the sea search: advertising area by Discuz or by phpwind can find the commercials advertising the forum, but there is a problem, if they can advertise the forum can leave the link that is of course the best, if not also no use, do not work hard.

4, collect can publish information on the website, such as: yellow pages, B2B information network,

3, collect the chain resources some blogs, but I also have many blogs in the chain is included nearly 0.

2, the chain is to search the major forum for the acquisition.


, 1 competitors in the collection, is the best love Shanghai webmaster tools collection, because the query with this directive domain if there will be a lot of irrelevant URL, this directive is the chain and the chain together with the query, so there will be a lot of chain URL. The best way is to use love Shanghai webmaster tools, so the chain of URL can be neatly arranged, but love Shanghai webmaster tools also have a limitation, it is unable to query the chain of nearly 10 days.

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