Quickly improve website weight method four soft weapon


you may have for this title is very strange, but I explained then you wouldn’t have been surprised. Certainly the soft or soft, but it is soft to "soft" or "hard" effect is good effect, it is difficult to grasp, different people will Public opinions are divergent., have different views. The individual feels soft or hard, because I write so much more than the purpose of the soft start is to do the chain through the soft Wen, but always feel to have something useful in this article. "Hard" is to talk about some things in the article, not the kind of false nonsensical things, although these things sometimes bring effect will be very good, but it will bring regret for yourself. Love to share with you, if only to find "soft" writing, will give people a very bad impression. The article is too soft, is very disgusted with what we did in Shanghai dragon, we all love the original, love to see new things, hard dry cargo is you need. We will recommend more love and support, to help reproduced, help us to do links, so as to achieve the purpose of weight lifting.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Imperceptibly I of this series are half done, to tell the truth, for this series of my research is not thorough enough, there are a lot of refinement of the place, if you do not understand what the article where I can find the discussion, I will be. Or to introduce three articles "in front of me quickly improve website weight method: the content of" shortcut "to rapidly improve the site weight method two: the chain" King "fast increase website weight method three:" I think winning keywords, written by a good friend to put in front of a few look see.

is for any long-term writing webmaster, would have a soft writing routine, I do not also, if you are interested can look at my routine. I think this is a very classic mode to write text. >

2, soft text is the basic routines

or another way to go?

crap, my article introduced today is on the fast increase website weight fourth: soft wenliqi. Was so interested in soft Wen, partly because the write text is my favorite thing, I also compare the good, on the other hand also because write soft can bring many benefits to me, to bring high weight website. Many people don’t understand the role of soft, because he did not try, so he didn’t know, also don’t know, only you know to experience it is sweet is idle. No matter how, I will introduce below the how to use soft Wen to increase the weight of the site.

1, what is the "soft soft" or "hard"

talked about how to improve the site weight by the soft, fast, of course the most important thing is to put the soft Wen written, write good soft Wen is directly related to improve the site weight degree. How to write good soft Wen has become a very important issue, this is also introduced the key.

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