Take a hot topic comedytracks let thousands of new surge flow

Yu Muqing recently made a joke, called face network! Do not 2 months, usually because of the limited energy, update and promotion efforts are not great. Usually one hundred or two hundred of the traffic network will also lose face, just a look back cnzz a jump, actually there are more than 1200 flow figure:

3, the topic of the article page. The chain many webmaster love can strength website home page, in fact, if a website according to the natural source of the chain, the pages of the chain but more than home outside the chain of the chain! In the page can not only improve the article page keywords ranking, make weight within the chain will also indirectly enhance the website home page the.


for the two days notice to the Anti Japanese movement topic is hot, so in the website with a few on this piece, in order to ensure the rankings, also specially made outside the chain of some of the several scripts, which led to the outbreak of today’s traffic is expected to do! Although hot topic to drainage after all, face network is a joke site, flow station also is all said, but did not expect such a rapid flow of

today is Monday, and his girlfriend are actually scheduling in a rest today, and went to climb the elevation of Shenzhen commanding Wutong Mountain, slaving away three hours and finally to the top down! When legs were chattering! Back home in turn on the computer, traffic ranked observed several websites. No way although mountain climbing is very tired, but I just hope the grass root diligently, can earn money

want to last more than wood green.


give you some experience to share under the hot topic of drainage, not too clever, only personal experience of it, ha ha.



4, to The chain of

is the first wood reaction site is not suitable for the flow of people being attacked, no way, the technology aspect doesn’t know much, actually think so childish! A keyword source statistics, finally see why, as shown in figure

. Hot topic has become a hot topic, because there are more of this kind of news and information, even if the user experience, the chain support, also not necessarily can guarantee ranking. But the long-term adherence, can always effect.


1, the choice of topics. This is actually not introduce too much, do the Internet knows a hot topic recently, Shanghai love index ah, hot search list, micro-blog topic, various news portals hot news and so on, many channels can be a hot topic which.

spare cigarette!

2, the title and content. The title must contain the keywords, write the words, the best content also contains words, not simple piling, nature is good. The appropriate keyword density, it is helpful to the ranking.

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