The navigation system of the owners how to do the electricity supplier website

4: use breadcrumbs, let the user know the current page in the site tree structure which layer and what position do not learn to do beautiful flat structure, not science, you know.

believes that electricity supplier website owners should be aware that the optimization site navigation is the most important index in the business website, and good navigation system users can solve the three problems, the first is where I am right now, the second is the next thing I know to go where, how to, my third don’t know where to go next, please tell me where to go, the three is good navigation can provide benefits for the user. Of course, the site navigation system should be simple, unified, clear, to try to give the user the opportunity to choose their own, but let the user along the planned path to browse the website.

users sometimes know clearly want to see what the content of website navigation system should be expected to see what information the user wants to, at what time, timely take corresponding links to show in front of users, this link appears to be the user where you want to go, but in fact is the webmaster want to let users go to the place. Sometimes users also have a certain goal, do not know where to go next, the webmaster should prompt the user can click on the link which, what thing to do on the site. These links are standing in are planned, so also reflects the importance of the electricity supplier website navigation and the user’s good experience, below I detailed to the electricity supplier website novice webmaster exchange together to optimize the site navigation.

establish a sense of position

: the page title font and font size and position, consistent on all pages.

site navigation plays a role and effect of the best, to let the user know now where, regardless of the user after entering the site from the home page to browse some pages, or come to a page directly from the major search engines, users can browse the page should be roughly clear in what he is location of the site. So, the webmaster to do this, you can refer to my advice, I hope to help the webmaster website:

: the navigation bar should be unified and clear the position at the station, the entire site is divided into tree structure.


this time, has been responsible for the optimization of small and medium business website, and the website is just on the line soon, involves a lot of optimization content optimization, such as structural optimization, layout optimization, content optimization, almost the entire site is I in the planning and optimization. In the optimization of structure, the boss pay special attention to optimization of site navigation, must comply with the requirements of user experience, allowing users to access to the site can control the website free, so I paid a lot of effort to research and optimization.

: company name, website LOGO, background color, layout, uniform across the entire site.

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