On the construction of Shanghai Longfeng practice the internal structure and the chain of the report


first in determining the target group browsing circumstances how to optimize the internal site user experience is to keep the user back even trigger click ads to effectively enhance the necessary website income way. So I when analyzing the internal structure of the site of the removal function, introduction of cumbersome interface, reasonable increase in the interaction of button arrangement optimization necessary and reasonable. By optimizing the station interactive function, can effectively improve the quality of the content of PV (page view) or page views, or click. Each user can browse the site browsing time adds more content, allowing users to have the opportunity to find more valuable things, but also allows users to have a chance to trigger the diversity of station advertising, let users access for advertising opportunities in front of the user. In order to achieve the purpose of advertising revenue


2 months

again, do in the station optimization, is also the main revenue measures necessary station optimization. On the site early, if there is no user traffic from search engines a website can not survive. How to let more people can love from Shanghai, Google, Sogou, search, Youdao search engine website and found this site through search engines into their site to external optimization is the core. This also involves the optimization of the problem, because the first step is to love Shanghai search engine included the contents of the site requires my site must be the one and only, namely novelty, have qualitative difference with other sites, only the one and only content can be filled with a large number of repetitive content search engine get the weight, and then the top. Again, the external optimization on the site early improve the site’s exposure rate, which make their websites appear more relevant, not related to website of the relevant URL, which is equivalent to determine the popularity of the website and then determine the necessary criteria related to the search engine ranking. The number of external links is more powerful more is to prove that a site of high visibility, in the search engine ranking nature because a website’s popularity promotion. To enhance the search ranking in the search engine results can show the relevant priority needs of users, ranking the exam more users will show, the website is more strong into. Next, but also rely on the station optimization to keep the target users, followed by the cycle can further improve the overall level of income site.

from the perspective of economics analysis of search engine optimization problems, firstly, in the process of Web site optimization how to release the site outside the chain, improve the site popularity, popularity is a very difficult problem. Again at the end of 2010 to early 2011 began to rise the sale service > link

internship in Shanghai Longfeng, early on selected website development orientation and target groups under the condition of every day I am trying to learn and operate Shanghai dragon, optimize the relevant keywords, by optimizing the website internal and external aspects of ascension ranking website and then trigger the related flow more, in order to achieve the ad showed effectively enhance the number and the number of clicks.

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