Since the financial Hangzhou two net loan platform for the subject

net loan platform to bring more convenience to people, but a lot of time, people know that the legitimacy of the net loan is difficult to study, so people think. Zhejiang, Hangzhou, the emergence of two net loan platform cashing crisis, holding thousands of investors on the investment, the state-owned enterprises behind the shares of Zhejiang Everbright Development Corporation accused of its endorsement.

‘s survey found that the two net loan platform Jun enjoy financial "," billion gold clothes "are suspected of self financing, which is to create their own net loan platform, financing for their projects in the enterprise, even allegedly fictitious subject, nominal mortgage. Jun enjoy financial lending platform in June 2016 on the line, in January 2017 there is a payment crisis, in February the official dissolution of the line, just a few months on the net loan platform is how the problem?

for P2P net loan industry, risk control is undoubtedly the most important, which is directly related to the safety of investment funds. You enjoy the financial platform that the implementation of the project three plus eight audit risk control management system, for each loan, you enjoy the financial risk control department will conduct on-the-spot investigation, submit analysis report, and then through the internal vote to borrow money. However, Hangzhou Jun enjoy Cci Capital Ltd insiders told reporters that the so-called wind control platform is just a display. In fact, there is no risk of the king of the staff. The so-called risk control manager was admitted in November, and usually communicate with you, the risk control manager is not subject to any of the audit, in fact, this position is equivalent to display."

series two net loan platform there is a problem, let more people are worried about them with profound respect and humility, the problem of capital. Jun enjoy the financial crisis soon, in the equity relationship and it has a close relationship with the net loan platform billion good gold service, but also into a payment crisis. Carey combing the shareholding relationship between the two companies, it is not difficult to find, before the incident, the two net loan platform has backed the same company – Zhejiang Everbright development corporation.

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