How to join the Yangzhou soup

Yangzhou is not only the beauty, beauty and delicacy, really is a good place for an outstanding. Yangzhou is one of the most famous cities in China’s ancient civilization. Emperor Qianlong of the first station, is also a place of celebrity. The canal, the beautiful Slender West Lake, as if the visitors back to the long dream.

Yangzhou soup dumplings, a point of Han nationality in Jiangsu province. Delicious meat, skin, soft rib shape, exquisitely carved Book soup mellow rich, but not greasy oil entrance. Meat stuffing and soup together in one room, eat, they will eat noodles, eat meat, soup three integration, is an integrated charm.

Yangzhou soup jiamengfei

filling soup steamed stuffed bun materials, fine production. It is to concentrate Tangmian leather billet, with rib meat for filling, filling with fresh bone soup, with more than and 10 kinds of fine spices seasoning. Tender and delicious steamed stuffed bun, soft leather book bar shape, soup mellow rich, exquisitely carved entrance oil but not greasy. Yangzhou soup jiamengfei

how much?


as long as the cost of a few million, a few million is a small investment, for many investors can afford, Yangzhou soup has a wide range of consumers, and high visibility, is a good brand to join the


Yangzhou soup joining process is as follows:

1, cooperative consultation in Yangzhou to join the soup official website of telephone and fax, online message and other ways of cooperation to the headquarters advisory matters, requested Yangzhou Fuchun baozi join conditions;

2, cooperation Nanjing Yangzhou soup cooperation application: fill in the application, confirm the related matters;

3, field trips to visit Yangzhou soup shop project, face-to-face communication with headquarters staff.

4, the signing of the contract: both parties confirm the correct results investigated Yangzhou soup factory, through friendly consultations, signed a cooperation contract;

5, business partners confirmed: according to the selected Yangzhou soup cooperation level, pay related costs, confirm the regional management right;

6, skill training: partners to accept Yangzhou soup technology, management and operation of all aspects of training, assessment and acceptance;

7, store decoration: Yangzhou soup headquarters to assist partners and confirm the business location, and store decoration and layout;

8, opening: Yangzhou soup receive authorization, opening gifts, perfect distribution, arrangement of promotional materials, ready to start


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