The Spring Festival travel where rich years of rural tourism in Shandong popular whole

economy in the continuous development of the traditional culture, many have been abandoned, although in the continuous emphasis on heritage tradition, but it is undeniable that the atmosphere of the new year is getting lighter! According to the Shandong Provincial Tourism Development Committee, the Provincial Bureau of Statistics survey estimates, the Spring Festival travel during the golden week, Shandong province a total of 18 million 565 thousand tourists trips, an increase of 11.9%, tourism consumption 16 billion 10 million yuan, an increase of 16.1%. After many years of training to build, hospitable Shandong New Year Carnival curing a group of classic tourism products and activities, and effectively promote the Spring Festival holiday tourism consumption.

is a distinctive feature of the traditional folk culture. Actively carry forward the traditional Chinese festival culture around the country, have organized a rich content, new forms of temple fairs, Lantern Festival, prayer and other folk cultural activities, to increase the festive atmosphere, so that the flavor becomes more concentrated. Shandong Provincial Tourism Development Committee has organized experts to design packaging more than 100 kinds of "New Year gift package", in the rural tourism village agricultural products sales, store sales and service area of expressway.

held in Zaozhuang, the ancient city of Taierzhuang temple fair and the fifth session of the Chinese Spring Festival Spring Festival Tourism Expo, colorful activities, attracted attention from all walks of life, CCTV, Xinhua news agency and other dozens of domestic media specifically were reported. Qufu held a celebration of Confucius’s hometown, Confucius Confucian drama performances, and other performing arts activities, let visitors understand Confucius and local folk culture.

Yantai Temple top sulfur cast of more than 2000 people gathered in Haiyang, the court and other cultural heritage show large yangko dance, percussion and stilt folk performances, opera, opera and other traditional opera, shadow play, raree show and other folk art performances, attracted many residents and tourists. Two Huimin Huimin initiatives to the people, to attract tourism consumption. During the Spring Festival holidays around the introduction of discount tickets, free of charge for specific groups of people, the hotel to send gifts and other promotional activities.

During the Spring Festival holiday

Heze Caozhou Peony Garden launched the "free garden peony tours" activities. Dongying Yellow River Ecological Tourism Zone launched tickets half price, Dongying people free travel, new year promotions, a total of more than 3.7 tourists, an increase of 13.5%. These measures have enriched the holiday tourism market, stimulating holiday tourism consumption, by the public and tourists.

before the Spring Festival, the Shandong Provincial Tourism Development Committee of rural tourism activities around the launch of the local characteristics of the rural tourism, issued a fine line of 10 different styles, and wide publicity through television, newspapers, WeChat and other media, attracted a large number of tourists in the city, experience. Tourists in the farmhouse dumplings, watching the dragon dance, yangko dance, listening to drum and enjoy the local opera, feel the most simple in taste.

wanted to have a taste for the Spring Festival, Spring Festival travel where rich year? Shandong recommend

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