Hanst joined the barbecue buffet details

in food and beverage business projects, barbecue and other food items in the form of barbecue has been a favorite of all types of food. The Korean barbecue buffet is relatively popular in recent years, consumer goods, consumer goods, which is a relatively good barbecue buffet in Beijing.

Beijing hanste Catering Management Co., Ltd. is a business oriented Korean barbecue buffet restaurant chain founded in 2007, has been "dishes all character" as its core concept, always believe; quality is life, the quality of the product is equivalent to the quality of personality. Hanst in the development process, while retaining the original Korean food culture and innovation, currently has more than and 200 dishes.

makes Korean food color, fragrance, taste, shape, meaning, and Chinese food "support" has been the most perfect combination. And with the management system, training system, innovating the most brand value management model, with Beijing as the core radiation throughout the country, and strive to create a "hanste" China leader hanste barbecue buffet barbecue buffet barbecue! Features: DIY allows you to enjoy the delicacy of leisure fun at work.


has the meat products in advance has been the initial processing, the main flavor from the dip in juice, different flavors to eat bacon with different juice, bacon, a juice, eat barbecue, barbecue sauce…… Each kind of juice is made up of more than ten kinds of spices, some sweet with acid, some fresh and refreshing, memorable. Hanst main dishes: acid to barbecue beef and mutton, beef tenderloin, featured Bacon, streaky, shrimp, beef tongue, sirloin, squid and fish, chicken gristle, Roasted Suckling Pig, Scallop in Shell more than and 200 dishes, let each tasted who will relish.

so if you want to join the buffet barbecue how to do? Look at the following Xiaobian for you to introduce details.

Hanst barbecue buffet advantage:

information support: the realization of Internet information dissemination, providing internal and external information communication platform, in order to adjust the market strategy, grasp the market dynamics.

logistics support: hanste BBQ company provides logistics services, so as to ensure fast and efficient circulation of goods, to meet the market demand of the line.

inventory, cargo handling: according to the product mix and regional characteristics, the backlog of bad inventory of customers, in a timely manner through the promotion or exchange of goods and other ways to help customers reduce pressure, to ensure the healthy operation of the store.

incentive policy: according to the number of over completion of the index, the company will give a certain percentage of the rebate, according to the annual sales performance and management norms selected excellent franchisee and excellent manager, and give incentives.

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