Clothing shopping guide to do what work the whole

we no matter what kind of clothing store, the first to face is a number of clothing shopping guide. So, clothing shopping guide in the end need to do what work? Are they really simply selling clothes? No other duties? Next, let Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the clothing shopping guide who need to do a good job.

there are a lot of people have heard of clothing shopping guide, but also in the process of physical consumption to see some of the clothing shopping guide in marketing services. Xiao Bian believes that the clothing should be a good guide to the quality of marketing, know the basic sales skills can be flexible. So what is the content of the work of clothing shopping guide? Please look at the following analysis.

clothing shopping guide is a career that can not be ignored, it is to guide customers, introduce products and services to consumers of a service group, its main responsibilities are as follows:

1, through the exchange of goods and consumers in the shop to promote goods and store image, enhance brand awareness.

2, do a good job on the display of goods and the safety of goods to maintain the work, to maintain the goods and supplies to facilitate the placement of neat, clean and orderly.

3, always keep the goods in good service attitude, to create a comfortable shopping environment, and actively recommend to consumers to help them choose the right to meet their needs.

4, the use of a variety of sales skills, to create a customer participation in the atmosphere of the yard, improve customer desire to buy, increase store turnover.

5, collect customer comments and suggestions on goods and stores, timely and properly handle customer complaints, and report to supervisor.

6 collect information about competitors’ products, prices, marketing activities and report to supervisor.

7, complete the day, week, month (such as sales, replenishment, inventory) report, and report to the supervisor.

8, to complete the work assigned by the superior, and firmly implement the retail store policy.

of course, these are the clothing shopping guide who need to do the job in the daily business process. In fact, in addition to these, a good clothing shopping guide should also be good at interpersonal communication, psychology, interpersonal communication can understand the motives, any insight may lead consumers to consume the details of the performance, of course, these should also be through combat experience.

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