The verdict of Shanghai third hospital together infringement case game Sifu

many people know, the grand game is a famous game company, they developed a kart, brought great joy to people’s lives. Shanghai third intermediate people’s Court on the defendant Wu Yunhua alleged copyright infringement case in court for the first instance verdict, sentenced him to detention for six months, suspended for six months and fined $one hundred thousand.

2004 in December, Shanghai Shanda Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "grand company") agent of the South Korean WeMade company "legend" online games.

2013 since March, the defendant Wu Yunhua for-profit, without Royal permission, illegal access to "hot blooded legend" from the game source code, in Zhejiang Province, Lishui City, Guangdong Province, Dongguan city and other places were rented server, and through the website advertising to attract customers to the game login binding sites such as, secretly set up a server, the illegal operation of the PW game. At the same time, the defendant Wu Yunhua through and other payment platform, binding his personal money through account, charge game players recharge a total of more than 16 yuan.

2013 May, Shanda will report to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau, Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau 29 in the same month the investigation, and in June 26th the same year, the defendant Wu Yunhua worked in other places of residence seized in connection with the host computer and the server hard disk and other items. In July of the same year, the investigation organs will be involved in the above server hard disk commissioned by the East Shanghai computer forensic.

portrait right to everyone, especially the stars, if their right to use the portrait as a commercial, is undoubtedly the infringement. After the incident to the royal company compensation and has achieved the grand understanding, before the court trial positive prepayment penalties, voluntarily pleaded guilty, has pleaded guilty to repentance, to some extent, the facts of the crime, Shanghai court sentenced the accused Wu Wah copyright infringement crimes, sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for six months. Fined one hundred thousand yuan.

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