How to help the development of Guizhou micro enterprise

in daily life although many entrepreneurs began his entrepreneurial path, but at the start of the primary stage, limited experience and their own funds are limited, so the development of enterprises is very slow, it can be said it is easy to encounter development bottleneck. Guizhou Prefecture of Qiandongnan province in the development of micro enterprises, vigorously promote policies, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of Guizhou Province, into the "micro enterprises 3 150 thousand yuan" measures to support the scope of investment subsidies granted in accordance with the 50 thousand yuan per household within.

how to help the development of micro enterprises in Guizhou? Through the introduction of the above we can see that the local government wealth measures actively, give strong support to the capital, make small enterprises out of difficulties, to usher in the spring of their own, can bear sweet fruit. Since the implementation of the "3 150 thousand yuan" policy, a total of 10197 households to support the development of micro enterprises, promote the employment of 55150 people, all levels of government allocated 380 million yuan of funds to support micro enterprise development, leveraging social capital investment of nearly 2 billion yuan.

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