Chuzhou Tianchang collective economic awakening dormant assets net

collective economy, can let all people can build up the family fortunes in many people’s minds, in Chuzhou, genius, leveraging new ideas for the development of rural collective economy. The amount of this part of the assets owned by the rural collective, and with the acceleration of economic development and urbanization, the value of this part of the assets are gradually revealed. However, for a long time, the ownership of rural collective property rights is unclear, the responsibility is unknown, farmers can not benefit from collective assets.

how to make this part of the dormant assets alive? At the beginning of this year, the State Council issued the opinions on the reform of rural collective property rights system. According to the work plan, from the beginning of 2017, the Ministry of agriculture to use about 3 years to complete a comprehensive audit of the assets of the collective assets of all kinds. On this basis, strive to use about 5 years to complete the operation of the basic assets of joint-stock cooperative system reform.

in fact, from the beginning of May 2015, the country began to carry out the pilot reform of rural collective property rights in Anhui, Jiangsu, Suzhou and Wuzhong District Tianchang 29 counties (cities, districts) pilot, explore the assets in shares or share quantitative to each farmer, so that farmers can benefit from collective assets. To quantify the shares of collective operating assets to the people, the right to households.

now has nearly 2 years of pilot, all over the exploration of what experience? What lessons do you need to learn? From the beginning of the voice of China launched a series of four series of reports wake up sleepy rural collective assets

collective economy is good? For many people, if can realize the economic growth, it is very good, more often, the collective economic operation is not good, always is the short board of China’s agriculture development, now the direction of reform on the short board, the collective economy recovery, but also bring the property income for farmers people, is a significant move.

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