Novice open toy store fast increase the popularity of the whole mode

toys for children is all, is a prerequisite for their happiness, now with the two-child policy started, also let the toy industry better development, popularity, business will be good, so for the operators of the toy store, we must master the method to increase the popularity of the source, this will Everfount, bring good business for your store to reap the wealth. So, how to operate a toy store to quickly increase popularity?

1, advertising for the shop

wine is also afraid of deep alley this saying at this stage of the market economy is not popular now, no matter what kind of shops, what operations are required to do baby stores, advertising, publicity and less, people are not aware of the store, the store will not know. So now is the "boast".

2, looking for a stable source of

open a toy store needs to be clear about what kind of customer base you are targeting, that is, what is your position. For example, you want to sell infant toys, children’s toys, youth toys, or young couples toys. Positioning their own customer base, the toy store will need to find a stable source of. The only way to ensure that their products are not out of stock, can y guarantee the profitability of the toy store.

3, reasonable and reasonable price

many new toy shop owners, that the low price to attract consumers, so when the store opened, most will set the price low to sell a commodity, may be at a loss.

in fact, it is not necessary to do so, the low price is better to attract customers, but if the price is not necessary to profit. Therefore, the price set at a reasonable price can be, not too high nor too low. And the packaging of their own profits, but also to ensure that the price is not the highest of all sellers.

4, goods less and fine

just opened the shop owner of the toys, usually at the beginning dare not put too much money. As a result, the number of store goods will appear a little less. The number is less and no relationship, the key is the product to be refined, quality to be reliable. Because new customers to buy toys when the quality is good, the invisible will cause the reputation effect, to store the word of mouth, advertise the new toy store.

5, good attitude to customer service

One truth of

store management: it is better to keep 1 old customers than to build up new customers in the 10. The attitude of the owner of the toy, it determines whether you will have a big recommendation

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