Our shop business should pay attention to what issues are

and its hard work to others, the old one is not guaranteed, it is better to set up their own business, this is the idea of many people. However, their business is not a good choice to open a shop, but there are more problems need to pay attention to. So, what are their own business to pay attention to what?

1, select the location is the key

we shop in the first thing to do is to choose the location of the shop. Position is not important? The answer is yes, only the address is selected, we will occupy a favorable position in business. For example, we are going to have the wedding dress shop, you should know that everyone will wear a wedding dress is married, want to go to the wedding before marriage, the combination of these reasons when we open the bridal shop to open shop in the studio next to it at the time of the photo, we see the wedding dress shop. Site to consider a number of factors, such as whether the lack of this place to see the industry, where the development of what is now also suitable for you, etc.. Site selection must pay attention to many aspects, which is equivalent to our success to buy an insurance.

2, for consumer groups can not blindly shop

do not look at what other people to make money I will open. Before the shop to the consumer groups have a thorough understanding of the people in the region where I consume, the proportion of the population, as well as people’s income, occupation, preferences, etc.. On the basis of these findings set up shop design and operating principle, for example we want to open a women’s clothing store, so we should y understand the area which age the majority of women, that we would for what kind of consumer groups.

3, a good name

is the name of our shop called what, a good name can make people remember, at the same time increase repeat. Named to the attention of creativity, is not similar to other people, such as people with their own name as the name, we can try to put your name upside down or take the name of the homophonic name do. Take names must pay attention to simple that they can know what you do, but also pay attention to make people easy to remember, don’t find some partial word vocabulary is not common words name.

4, the design should be reasonable

shop environment and atmosphere is very important, because it is directly related to the consumer’s impression of our store, but also related to the operating performance of our store. So in the design, must be based on the characteristics of their products and the characteristics of the consumer groups design. If consumers are older so some design is not too Western style. We should also pay special attention to the store shelf design, do not have too much around the circle, so that customers can not tired of all the goods in the tour. >

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