The jewelry store market has great potential for the development of whole

a lot of people are on the road of entrepreneurship, want a better way to start a business is a lot of, many entrepreneurs in front of the jewelry store will be questioned the prospects for the development of the industry. Because for a lot of entrepreneurial novice, a project if it has a good prospect of development is conducive to entrepreneurs to create a better business opportunities in this industry. However, for this problem, many entrepreneurs are not very understanding. Below, the chain on the market potential for jewelry stores made the following analysis.

now, men buy jewelry, suggesting that they begin to pay attention to their appearance. This is a necessary strategy in the current competitive environment. According to the marketing company UnityMarketing released 2010 personal luxury report, the men in the purchase of jewelry spending, has occupied 25% of high-end jewelry to join the consumer market. The report also found that most men are buying jewelry for themselves.

men’s jewelry is not very hot gift choice, many times is not his wife to buy jewelry for her husband. But men take the initiative to buy, because they like to have a. Rich men under 40 are the fastest growing consumer of luxury brands. The idea that "masculine men do not need to wear jewelry" is now out of date in the era of "urban charm men". The study found that the ring accounted for 51% of male jewelry sales in 2009, including the wedding ring.

is the fastest selling jewelry bracelet and necklace, which accounted for 23% and 21%, accounted for fourth. All men’s luxury sales are on the rise, from clothing, watches to briefcases, jewelry is only one of the natural factors. It is gratifying that, not only the rich in the purchase of jewelry, men go to H&, M and other stores to buy bracelets and accessories become a trend.

in the global economic downturn, the men did not waste the limited resources on the new clothes, but through these jewelry to show their personality, men’s jewelry market will have great potential for development. Insiders pointed out that, in a way, we are back to the royal family to show the importance of jewelry in the era, which is evolving "manly" part of the definition.

Don’t know how to start it before

, believe that after seeing a small series of articles have a new understanding, from the above we is not difficult to see, for the jewelry stores entrepreneurs, market development potential of the industry is an indisputable implementation. So, entrepreneurs in this article through the detailed reading. For the development prospects of the project will be questioned? Then what are you waiting for! Choose a jewelry store to create the business opportunities in this industry.

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