Bea Hayden killed Matt styling exposure temperament victory

goddess Bea Hayden is the dream of many men’s minds, but also the goddess of the "national husband" title, can be described as "goddess" and "female man" complex. Recently, Bea Hayden Matt killed other exposure, users have praised the adorable full force, mainly depends on temperament!

3 13, known as the "micro-blog spirited away" Bea Hayden tree painting process forwarding agent "best die king" and that "the night scenes of comics, the outbreak of Internet addiction". And one of the cartoons, Bea Hayden wearing "kill the head of Matt" shape also caused a lot of discussion.

the schedule was tight, and Zheng Kai has been filming the drama "wildly beating gongs and drums" Huang Feihong Bea Hayden is a state scholar of no equal for several days did not appear on the web, anxious all the fans. Even though the national goddess of the night is more Bo Bo, but also in a very minute, access to thousands of theory, triggering a hot night.

and the "best die king" comics to kill Matt behind the scenes wearing hoods of her delicate features, bright eyes and white teeth, two dimensional girl feeling quite a bit, a lovely "Adorable". It is to let users greatly.



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