13 New Year red envelopes to allow migrant workers to return home without worry

in recent years, under the help of entrepreneurial policies, entrepreneurial threshold has been repeatedly reduced, inspired many people dream of entrepreneurship. Kunming City, the introduction of 13 new policies, as the new year red envelopes to migrant workers returning home.

"opinions" put forward to encourage migrant workers and other personnel, the full implementation of the home business project 3 year action plan. By the end of 2017, the annual organization of migrant workers and other personnel to carry out occupation skills and entrepreneurship training 50 thousand people, 15 thousand people to support entrepreneurship, employment of more than 40 thousand people, the city and county (city) District, street (township), community (Village) employment and social service facilities full coverage.

This includes 13 specific measures:

"around the poverty reduction and income Zhaimao, the main goal, according to the precise poverty alleviation and assistance assistance requirements, Xundian, Dongchuan, to Luquan, Tangdian county (District) for poverty alleviation employment recommendation

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